Echo woke up with a start. Gasping for air she sat up from her mat. She looked around seeing that nothing has changed since her nightmare but to her, that wasn’t a good thing.
Echo lived in a prison with filthy walls and floors, only an aged mat to sleep on, and huge chains wrapping around her ankles and wrists. She wore a white t-shirt and white sweatpants but they were already starting to collect dirt even if they were new. (Her capturer gives her clean clothes every week)
Echo racked her brain to try to remember the horrid dream that just woke her up but she forgot it already.
She took out her piece of charcoal and wrote her name. Echo. Echo. My name is Echo. she would repeat to herself. That was the only thing she remembered from her past.
Echo quickly jumped back on her mat at the sound of footsteps walking down the corridor. Out of the shadows, Echos capturer walked up to the cell. She had black leggings and a black sleeveless top, a silver flowy cape, silver bracelets going up both arms, sharp black fingernails, silver heeled boots, and an obsidian band around her head. Her eyes were completely black with no pupil or iris. Her hair was silver and her lips jet black.
“Good morning,” she smirked.
“What do you want, Critana?” Echo snapped back.
“You are so rude, Mortal-“
“My name is Echo! Stop calling me Mortal!” Echo interrupted.
“I don’t care. As I was saying, respect gets you a long way and blah blah blah I’m already bored.” Critana unlocked the door to the cell and knelt down to Echo’s level. Echo spit at her but it dissolved in mid-air. Critana grabbed Echo’s hair and yanked her up.
“I don’t have time for your stubbornness. I have another planet for you to take over.”
Critana dragged Echo into a room with teleporters lined up all around the walls. Ech0 felt relieved to be in a clean room but she knew it wouldn’t last long. Critana slammed her onto a medical table and a hooked up her chains again.
“I’m excited for this attack,” Critana mused. Black swirls came out of her fingernails and Echo started to feel sleepy.
“Stop...” Echo managed to get out before blacking out for the thousandth time.
Echo slowly opened her eyes. She was still in the same room she blacked out in. Critana popped up in front of her face making her yelp.
“I’m really excited for this one!” she sang. “You should be known across the universe by now for all the destruction you caused on that puny planet!” Critana rushed over to start the screen for the showing of how Echo wiped another planet.
She tried to choke back tears but they had already started streaming down her face. I don’t want to do this anymore. I wish I could control my powers. I wish I could fight against Critana and not for her!
Critana brought the screen to Echo and on it was Echo in a black, armored suit shooting some sort of blue energy blasts from her hands creating so much chaos more tears fell.
Echo closed her eyes. The screams and the pain made her hate herself.
“Why do you have to use me?” she whimpered.
Critana looked at her with disgust. “Why do you have to think it’s so awful that you’re taking over a planet?” She raised her eyebrow. “Ugh just get back in your cage you annoying little mortal.”
Before Echo could answer she was back in her cage with her chains still keeping her against the wall.
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