BOOK 2 OF this aWESOME series
Facing What Comes 2
“Six? Right? We come at six?” Sofie’s voice called through my mom’s iphone.
“Yes! Okay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cya!” I hung up.
“Sheeeesh” I frowned.
My friends Sofie, Lucy, and Addy were coming over for a sleepover. This time it’s summer break.
Last time this happened we ended up going through different lands of crazy things. For intance we picked up Jonathan in The Land of Darkness, Nathan was found in a ditch, actually he wasn’t I just don’t care about him. anyway, we got Hector from The Cozy Lands, Jackson from the Snowy lands. Jackson is Jonathan’s brother. Both born in the snow yet from a WOLF.
When we sent them home we walked to my house and appearantly we’d been gone for 2 hours. Time really does drag!
30 minutes later
“HEY ALAYNA!” Sofie roared as I opened the door.
“Hey” Lucy laughed Along with Addy
“Welcome back my good people.” I took their bags and sat them to the side. They stepped in.
1 hour later.
“I’LL GET IT!” I jumped down the stairs and reluctantly opened the door.
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