The Beginning
The Demon King was waiting for us. Where he sat he could look down on us, and what a sinister sight it was. His image was of the Devil, red skin, gleaming black horns that by the looks of them were sharper than my blade. The most truly terrifying thing about him though, that was his eyes. His eyes were as black as the pit he was created in. In our religion he was known as the very first Demon, the one who started this all. He saw us as we barged into his throne room, and a cruel smile spread across his face and we saw sharp teeth. ‘’I’ve been waiting for you, Guardians’’ he spoke in hushed tones with his velvety voice, yet we could still hear him from the opposite side of the room. This was his domain after all. ‘’Can we cut the small talk’ then came Lyra’s voice, coming from behind me. .’My, my, we certainly have an....impatient one’’ the Demon said, a small hint of despise coming from his voice, he was looking at me now ‘’she is right, the sooner we stop talking the sooner we can kill you and your pesky little children’’ I tried to keep my voice steady but my anger was seeping through. ‘’My offspring are too busy to play with you tonight anyways, they’re far too busy having the time of their pathetic lives playing with your soldiers’’ his voice was getting less calm now I noticed, although his smile was creeping back onto his face. Lyra suddenly rushed forward, her daggers in her hands. The plan was ago. The moment Lyra started running I prepared a small orb of water to send to Chris and Jace, a signal for them to come in. I sent it the moment Lyra reached the staircase towards the throne.

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