“She’s only got a little time left until she’s gone forever.”
Chapter 1
I was born on November 17, 2005. I’m 12 years old, and I’m not your ordinary girl. When I was born, I was as clear as anything. I was really there. I was a real part of the world.
But a month later, my skin started to fade. My face started to blur. My lips smeared a little bit. My parents freaked. They called 911. They had no idea what was wrong with me! Neither did the doctors. They had never had a case like this one. But they soon figured it out. I have what they call, “fade-away disease”. The doctors predict it will catch on, and more people may begin to catch this fatal disease.
They kept me in the hospital for almost three weeks, trying to figure out what this meant for me, and what to do about it. The answers became clear. This disease was fatal. There was no escaping it. Every year, my image would blur a little bit. Each year more than the last. They predicted by my twelfth birthday I would be gone.
I wouldn’t be dead, of course. I would still be on the earth. And I would be able to see myself clearly. I would be able to see everyone else clearly. But nobody would be able to see me.
My parents begged and pleaded the doctors to find a cure. But they couldn’t. They just couldn’t. I would have to deal with it.
And maybe one day, just maybe, they would find a solution that could change my life forever.
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