Stuck in a fairytale
Fairy Tales
Moving to Grandma’s House
“Mom! Please, give me some time!” I yelled across the room. The clothes were unpacked, my room was still a mess, and mostly, my mom was angry. “I don’t care what you do Diana, get down here right now!” she shouted. I ighed and walked down the stairs to find my mom. Her face was red and annoyed, staring at me.
“Diana! I told you to pack yesterday! What excuse do you have? Your grandma’s worried already, please, just...hurry up!” she finished. I groaned, “But mom! I was calling Hazel last night about my new school? You know...we’re never coming back.” Tears stung in my eyes as my mom’s expression softened. I could tell she was going to say something, maybe about stop crying and get packing. But my mom just sent me upstairs to finished packing I looked through all my photos, of past memories of friends, family nights, special times like those. If we hadn’t sold the house already, I would’ve probably told mom I wouldn’t be going. I closed my eyes and remembered yesterday. How mom explained to me that we were going to live at grandma’s house. Since she was getting old and we should be there to support her if anything happens, then we get the old house since my dad died...anyways, my mom just wants us there.
My mom yelled for me again and I snapped my eyes open. There’d be no changing my mind now. I slipped on my coat and ran downstairs. My mom was waiting. “Come on, we need to get to grandma’s.” Mom gently led me out the house and onto the back of the car. She started the engine, and before I knew it, my mother was already on the highway. I never really liked my grandma too much. She was always trying to pamper me and saying weird things like, “Diana, the day will come for you to learn your fairy tale. Whatever that may be.” then, grandma would just smile. Which was even weirder. Grandma had welcomed us, and even sighed me up for a private school she used to go to when she was younger. As in, high school younger. In my imagination, I couldn’t imagine my grandma as a high scholar. Probably pretty, (she still is), and girly?
Grandma wasn’t just pretty, pretty as in, I’m 60 years old but I look like a 40 year old. When I was younger, I asked grandma about it. Grandma just said, “Before I was born, my mother wished me to have skin as pale as the snow, hair as black as the window frames, and lips as red as blood.” I had laughed, and I still do. Because it sounded like my grandma was quoting from “Snow White”. And that’s not all, grandma also talks to forest animals that wonder onto her backyard! Deer, birds, squirrels, even sometimes bugs! My mom had explained to me that my grandma was reaching an old age, but only grandma was only 60! 60! Sure, that’s what lots of people do, but my grandma’s talking to animals was about their day and jokes. Even little dances and about her old friends and how they were catching up.
One day, I had asked grandma what was her name, and grandma just told be, “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you, so you can call me grandma, or grandma S. I stuck with grandma.
After another twenty minutes on the highway, we passed a tunnel, and before we passed, I could swear I saw the words, “Your fairytale has began.” But before I could check, we were already out of the tunnel, and at grandma’s house.
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