After Diana, and her happily ever after, what about ellie?
Fairytales? Whatever
Fairytales? Whatever

Ellie, daughter of Snow White's grandaughter, knows nothing about her heritage. Magic can be confusing, especially when you are in the sea of school and drama.

Chapter 1: My Life With Magic, Drama, Twins, Siblings, and Money
Chapter 2: Choices? Summer house? Or Great-Grandma's house?
Chapter 3: Into the Wood, to Grandma’s House!
Chapter 4: James the Evil Guy
Chapter 5: Capture the Flag=Acrophobia, Disaster, and Magic
Chapter 6: End/ 24 Hours
Chapter 7: Poison
Chapter 8: Because His Mom Said So
Chapter 9: My Throat! SQUEAK!
Chapter 10: Dream Catchers
Chapter 11: Green Blob
Chapter 12: Blob Attack!
Chapter 13: Secrets of Storyroad High
Chapter 14: Our Little "Project"
Chapter 15: Last Day
Chapter 16: I’m Back!!
Chapter 17: A Clump Makes a Teacher Go Insane And Force Us to Work Together (Basically...
Chapter 18: Club Panic
Chapter 19: Magical Movie, Plus My Mom's Call
Chapter 20: Explanation
Chapter 21: Camping Trip!
Chapter 22: Ryalia
Chapter 23: Why is My Acrophobia so ANNOYING?
Chapter 24: Our Little Visit
Chapter 25: The Mission I Totally DID NOT Sign Up For
Chapter 26: Door #1
Chapter 27: Door #2 and 3 (Door #3 Was More Important!)
Chapter 28: Negotiation Processing.
Chapter 29: A Mixture of All Things Considered
Chapter 30: The Old Hag, and A Princess In Need of HELP!
Chapter 31: The End of The Beginning
Chapter 32: Alice, the Creepy Stalker
Chapter 33: Our Prank
Chapter 34: Character Bios
Chapter 35: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 36: The Search Begins
Chapter 37: The Change in Characters and Protagonists
Chapter 38: The Past and Promises
Chapter 39: Materializing Objects
Chapter 40: The Written Words of Love
Chapter 41: A Fight and A Game
Chapter 42: Don't Jinx It

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