Fairytales? Whatever

Ellie, daughter of Snow White's grandaughter, knows nothing about her heritage. Magic can be confusing, especially when you are in the sea of school and drama.

Chapter 1: My Life With Magic, Drama, Twins, Siblings, and Money
Chapter 2: Choices? Summer house? Or Great-Grandma's house?
Chapter 3: Into the Wood, to Grandma’s House!
Chapter 4: James the Evil Guy
Chapter 5: Capture the Flag=Acrophobia, Disaster, and Magic
Chapter 6: End/ 24 Hours
Chapter 7: Poison
Chapter 8: Because His Mom Said So
Chapter 9: My Throat! SQUEAK!
Chapter 10: Dream Catchers
Chapter 11: Green Blob
Chapter 12: Blob Attack!
Chapter 13: Secrets of Storyroad High
Chapter 14: Our Little "Project"
Chapter 15: Last Day
Chapter 16: I’m Back!!
Chapter 17: A Clump Makes a Teacher Go Insane And Force Us to Work Together (Basically...
Chapter 18: Club Panic
Chapter 19: Magical Movie, Plus My Mom's Call
Chapter 20: Explanation
Chapter 21: Camping Trip!
Chapter 22: Ryalia
Chapter 23: Why is My Acrophobia so ANNOYING?
Chapter 24: Our Little Visit
Chapter 25: The Mission I Totally DID NOT Sign Up For
Chapter 26: Door #1
Chapter 27: Door #2 and 3 (Door #3 Was More Important!)
Chapter 28: Negotiation Processing.
Chapter 29: A Mixture of All Things Considered
Chapter 30: The Old Hag, and A Princess In Need of HELP!
Chapter 31: The End of The Beginning
Chapter 32: Alice, the Creepy Stalker
Chapter 33: Our Prank
Chapter 34: Character Bios
Chapter 35: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 36: The Search Begins
Chapter 37: The Change in Characters and Protagonists
Chapter 38: The Past and Promises
Chapter 39: Materializing Objects
Chapter 40: The Written Words of Love
Chapter 41: A Fight and A Game
Chapter 42: Don't Jinx It

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