After Diana, and her happily ever after, what about ellie?
Fairytales? Whatever
My Life With Magic, Drama, Twins, Siblings, and Money
I carefully lifted up the string into the air. Ok. So what? It was silk.
“Mom! I don’t see anything wrong with it.” I yelled.
Phillip popped his head through the door.
“Yeah right. There’s a little bit of it that’s black.”
I groaned, “I don’t really care! I have to get on the bus!” My mom sighed and waved me off, “Go on, go on. Nevermind the silk. I’ll just let the maids deal with it.” she mumbled. I sighed with relief as I walked down the lane to the bus stop.
My mom always made me to silk inspection, for some reason. I wished it was summer, so we could be at our summer house in the castle my dad bought. I’m pretty sure it was either my mom’s or my dad’s family were really rich, as in billions of dollars, so they had tons of money to go around.
“Is that...” I paused for a moment. The magic was brewing inside me again. My mother had explained to us about it, “It means you’re different, but that’s a good thing. Be proud, but don’t show it to anyone. Not even your closest friends. Understood?”
We all swore on our lives and honor. Rosy, Phillip, and even me. Riley was going to do it when she got older, but until then, my mom would just have to keep her at home.
I pushed the magic down, but that turned it into a glowing sphere in the tip of my finger. I pushed my hand down my jacket and trugged on to the bus stop.
“Ellie! How are you doing?”
Abby ran up to me with bright shining eyes, “Can you wait for summer? Only a week left!” she squealed happily.
I nodded, “Sure...a week. Yeah.”
Truthfully, I actually was looking forward to it, but if I got overexcited, the glowing sphere might...explode.
We all ran towards the bus, one by one we squeezed inside without being smushed, and plopped ourselves in the very back, where hopefully the jocks would ignore us.
“What are you going to do? For summer I mean,” asked Abby.
I shrugged, “I think we’ll go to our summer house.” I mumbled.
Abby frowned, “I wish we had a summer house. Your family is really rich aren’t they?” she asked.
I nodded, “Kinda. Not like millionaire, but I guess I could buy stuff easily from a website.”
Abby nodded thoughtfully, and we sat in silence, all the way to school.
“Hey LOSER!”
I glanced over my shoulder and saw “The Gang” picking on Little Wilbert AGAIN.
The Gang was this group of mean boys. They messed around with the younger kids’ lives.
Personally, I wanted to punch them, but if I did, my powers would obviously win for me, and then my mom would kill me.
Abby dragged me away as we walked through the locker hallway. She knew that I was mad, but she couldn’t do anything about that.
“Sooooooooo...Did you know that Poppy got another love letter? That’s the third one!” she cried.
I forced a smile. “Yeah...that’s a lot of love letters.” I mumbled.
I didn’t want to tell Abby I had about ten love letters in my locker, in my desks, and under my house door.
Getting all the stuff out of my locker, I raced over to my homeroom. The teacher was crying, while Bailey and Poppy were comforting her. This was going to be her last year here. I didn’t like the teacher. She was a bit strict in my opinion.
Naturally, I took out my book and started reading.
“Hello Ellie.”
I glanced up from my book and saw Phillip.
I sighed, “Phillip. You don’t have to be all formal when you say “hi” to me. WE ARE TWINS!”
Even though we looked NOTHING alike.
Phillip had golden curls and brown eyes. I had black hair and blue eyes. I got the blue eyes from my dad, and black hair great-grandma?
Something like that.
“Whatever. Say, do you know the answer to the science question number 50?” he asked.
I gasped, “Phillip! It was only 1-20!”
Phillip nodded, “I know that. It was extra credit.”
I rolled my eyes. Phillip was the one trying to earn extra credit and BE smart. However, I was the smarter one. I’m not bragging or anything. Everyone at my house knows it. I’m just too lazy to do anything extra.
“Yeah. The answer’s Y times squared X.” I whispered.
Phillip wrote something down on a piece of paper and rushed away.
I heard a praise from the teacher in less than 5 seconds.
“Kids! I have something important.”
I put my book down and looked up. Mom was in front of me, with Riley. Rosy had put down her phone and stopped texting.
“We...might not be able to go to our summer house this year. Your sick.”

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Choices? Summer house? Or Great-Grandma's house?

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