A pickup line taken a little too seriously.
Falling, From Heaven
The Angel, Clare
“Clarissa,” She said gently. “It’s okay.”
“No, it’s not, Natalie!” I sobbed, hugging my knees. My fingers tightened around the seemingly perfect green grass. “It is so frustrating! I thought it would have been this year.”
“Clare, it’s really alright.” Natalie patted my back. “Maybe they don’t think you’re ready yet.”
“But it’s been four years.” I said softly. I yanked the grass out from the ground and let it fall through my fingers. “Six times, I’ve tried, training for so long. I do not understand.”
“It took me a while too.” I turned to Natalie. She said the words as if they were supposed to make me feel better. Her pale gold wings glistened behind her. She’d gotten in her second try, granted she’d started training before me as she was older.
I understood that there were many young Angels that hadn’t been accepted longer than I had. But Natalie’s stories of humans had only made me ever more eager to go out and meet them for myself.
“But I had set my expectations to make it this year.” I sighed. I knew I was to blame for my high hopes, but I just could not help but wish. It all seemed so exciting.
To meet humans, pretending to be one yourself, and helping them out was so fascinating. And as a normal Angel, there was only so much you could do.
Most Angels mostly worked in Heaven, guiding new souls to where they belong. But some had the honor of being a Mission Angel, and didn’t it sound so interesting.
A Mission Angel was what it seemed, and were originally called a Guardian Angel. Guardian, or Mission Angels had a job to integrate themselves into the human world. They are each responsible for one or two humans, and it is their job to watch over them.
Their job was amazing.
Natalie had been assigned one female at first, and eventually she was given the task of being a Mission Angel for two humans. And here I was, struggling to get admitted for even a single one.
“I know you did, Clare.” I could tell she genuinely felt sorry for me, but clearly their was nothing that she could do. I couldn’t take my anger and frustration out on her.
We were silent for a few minutes. Suddenly, we could hear the church tower ring, the clock striking nine.
“I have to go now.” Natalie said, looking worried. It was time for her shift down under, as we called it. Under Heaven, to the human world.
I nodded. “I’ll see you later.” With a final glance, she spread her wings and took off.
I pulled myself up, wiping my tears off and began walking even further away, heading towards the edge of the fields.
It didn’t feel fair. I’d studied and tried so hard for the Mission Angel Admissions. Why, why couldn’t I make it? What was I lacking?
I kicked at the grass, frustrated. I looked back at my wings. My pale white wings had never looked so plain, never felt so useless. Every time I looked at them, I could only remember the shimmering gold wings of the Mission Angels.
All my life, I felt that I’d been a burden. I’d been reckless, as reckless as an Angel can get anyway. I’d run close to the borders, I’d joke around with the souls, I’d even make stupid talk with the Head Angels. That was seven years ago. But when I had heard of the Mission Angels, I’d finally felt something I wanted to do. Somehow, I felt that the Mission Angels were made for me. But clearly, it wasn’t as simple as I’d thought it was.
I’d heard stories about Mission Angels when I was younger. For two years, I’d gone around and met all the countless Mission Angels, hearing their stories of humans. It seemed like a beautiful thing to do, to help people that didn’t always have someone by their side.
I continued walking for a while, kicking at the grass. I looked up from walking and kicking, and was half-horrified to see that I’d come close to the edges. The edges were forbidden to all but the Mission Angels. At the edges stood the gate from the Heavens to the human world.
I could see the Mission Angels only a dozen yards away, and the edge of the slope, getting ready to leave. Whenever the Mission Angels leave, the gate from our realm to the human world opens. No one except them are allowed to leave.
I should not be here.
My wings furled inside and disappeared behind me. I could see Natalie, and Maria and all the other countless Mission Angels I’d spoken to and pestered and annoyed the daylights out of for stories over the years. But they all understood that my intentions were simply curious and talked to me.
I stepped closer, although I did hesitate. I could be punished strictly for this. But then again, I was already here; it couldn’t be worse than this.
I walked closer, more confident than before. I was not quite sure where all the courage came from, as my heart continued to beat faster and faster. But soon I was closer to the gate than ever. The fence before the gate was steps away from me and the Mission Angels were only a few yards away from the fence.
I stepped to the edge of the fence, leaning against it. The Angels were all facing towards the gate, their backs faced towards me, their golden wings glistening. Fortunately, they did not notice me in the midst of their preparation. If they caught me now, I would be punished severely.
Suddenly, light emerged from the gate, slowly growing brighter. One by one, they all stepped into the light.
I felt something calling to me, as if voices were whispering to me. I stared at the fence in front of me, then the gate and back and forth. The last few Angels were stepping in.
It was now or never.
I hopped over the fence, my heart in my mouth. All I could feel was my pulse, a rhythm so violent I couldn’t identify as my own.
And as the last Angel stepped in, I followed behind.
Bright light enveloped me and I was blinded. I kept walking further into the light, when suddenly, there was no longer a floor beneath me.
It was so sudden, so surprising that I couldn’t even process it.
I simply fell.
I’ve never fell like this. Air rushed around me and I couldn’t hear anything, not even myself think.
I couldn’t see much either; it was hard to keep my eyes open. But I could feel wispy, cold mist around me.
Suddenly, as I was thinking it, the clouds disappeared and a blue sky appeared above me, along with the clouds.
It only took me a moment to realize, and remember, that the clouds were moving further and further away, and that I was still falling.
A shriek finally escaped my mouth.
Maybe this is why all the Mission Angels had their wings unfurled, Clare. Why are you so good at making irresponsible decisions?
Too late now. In the midst of my panic, I could not focus enough to unfurl my wings. Oh, heavens, why?
Panic filled my lungs as I saw the ground approaching, only a few hundred yards away. Oh my. God, heavens, someone please save me now.
But no, I hurled towards the ground at such a speed.
20 yards away.
There seemed to be a person on the ground, right below me.
10 yards away.
I closed my eyes.
5 yards away.
Pray you’ll survive.
My bottom landed on something, but not something hard. I laid there for a few moments, by back slightly stinging. Something had softened my fall. Slowly, I peeled my eyes open. I’d landed on a human!
Horrified, I crawled off, off of him, to be specific.
The man, who now seems to be more of a boy, looked dazed. He slowly picked himself up.
“What the heck, girl?” He squinted, rubbing the back of his head and his stomach, where I landed. “Can’t you watch where yo-“
He trailed off as he stared at me, gaping, his eyes roaming over me.
I stood there awkward, and nervous. Oh my, the Angels would punish me severely; I was interacting with a human without any proper training!
“Um, I am sorry for falling on you.” I spoke as smoothly as I could. The boy just sighed, a dreamy look on his face.
Weirded out and confused, I decided to step away from him. I turned around and looked at my surroundings. Despite the trouble I knew I’d be in, the fact I had no idea where I was, I couldn’t stop the smile on my face.
I was in the human world!
I looked around. Green grass stretched for yards on end. An odd structure with dirt surrounding it had a bunch of children climbing up and sliding down. Slightly older children walked around with boards with wheels on them, and the human adults sat at benches, walked or road a two-wheeled vehicle. Surrounding me were also a lot of trees, giving occasional shade. I decided to enter the pathway many people were on.
Lots of people stared at me as I walked, for some reason. I wasn’t wearing anything eye-catching either, unlike them, only simply adorning a white dress and gold slippers, the common outfit of all Angels.
I quickly noticed that majority of the male population seemed to be dazed as they watched me. Rather strange.
To be quite honest, as excited as I was. I didn’t know what to do now. I’d made it to the human world but now what?
Like the rather unwise person I was, true to making bad decisions, I kept walking. As I did, I noticed this place I was in had a name.
“Corona Park.” I spoke out loud to myself, reading off a sign. I assumed that a ‘Park’ was a place for people to play. I wasn’t sure what ‘Corona’ meant however, and settled on the idea that it could simply be a name.
I decided to take a seat at a nearby bench, enjoying the view of the happy people and wonderful nature. I closed my eyes and took a breath in.
Earth. I had only spent maybe ten minutes here and I loved it. People were laughing, playing, having fun. I’m sure there were people around here arguing somewhere, as humans were said to be, but the atmosphere was so much more lively that Heaven could ever be.
The stories I’d been told had set my imagination and expectations wild. But it was more complex and different than I’d ever imagined it to be. It was beautiful, in a way that Heaven could never be.
“Hey, babe.”
My eyes blinked open. I wasn’t sure if the statement was addressed to me, but I looked up.
A boy, around nineteen years of age stared back at me, an arrogant look on his face. He had tousled dark bangs and lively hazel eyes. To be honest, he was quite handsome, beauty similar to that of Angels, but I knew he was not one himself. It seemed as though the humans, at least some, were capable of looking as nice as Angels.
His eyes skimmed me and however arrogant he tried to be, he had a hint of awe on his face. Why do they all look at me like that?
“Hello.” I decided to reply, giving him a small smile. He smirk stretched into a grin, and he took my reply as invitation for him to sit next to me.
“What’s your name, babe?” I wasn’t quite sure what “babe” meant, and determined that it was a nickname for a girl.
“My name is Clare, short for Clarissa.” Humans did have names as well. “What is yours?”
“My name’s Lucas, Lucas Diaz.” Lucas held out a hand. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I grasped it unsurely, and he gave it a light squeeze.
He then slung his arm around the back of the bench, behind my shoulders.
“Did it hurt?” He asked, giving me a smile equivalent of the male Angels.
“Did what hurt?” I asked, confused.
“When you fell from Heaven?” Lucas gave me a charming smile.
Oh, so they knew about us. Maybe that’s why he approached me.
I answered, a smile on my face. “No, not exactly. I landed on someone. It could’ve been worse.”
He blinked.
I blinked.
Lucas scratched his head, staring at me as if he was trying to read me. “Well, that’s a new one.”
I wasn’t sure what he meant by that comment, but I gave him another smile before I spoke.
“Would you mind showing me around this place?”
Lucas looked at me curiously, seeming to be debating the question. But he answered my request.
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