Falling Through Water Book 1
The Tide’s Bringings
I sip my cherry lemonade with a sigh as my sister continues pleading with me.
“Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top?” Callie pleads, her brown eyes boring into my green ones.
I was on a beach chair relaxing for once. Usually I was neck deep in work, but finally took my friends’ advice and planned a break. Today, I was on San Pedro. I usually came here to fish and observe marine life, hence my career as a marine biologist.
“Why can’t I come with you? We could have lots of fun! I mean, sisters are supposed to bond. But you’re gone so much, I feel like an only child. Mom and Dad would agree with me!” Callie continues her ranting and I sigh. She was right, after all. I was gone too much, and to be honest, I really missed my family. But their location in another country, also known as Canada, wasn’t exactly easy to get to.
My sister, on the other hand, was the exact opposite of me. Not only did she have my father’s looks with me my mom’s, but she was as carefree as I was strict. Callie loved travelling and helping children in different countries all across the world. And yet, she got to see the family more than me.
“You know what?” I finally respond. Callie’s eyes fill with hope at the statement that I was to make. “If you can pass the vitals test, you can tag along with me.” Callie squeals and reaches over to me.
“No, don’t, Callie-“ I end abruptly as Callie pulls me in a great bear hug.
“This is my reward for agreeing with you? I am so gonna regret this.”
I had just agreed to let my older sister come with me on a submarine expedition thousands of feet underwater for weeks, with no contact above ground. What’s not to regret?
“Sorry sis,” Callie says as she pulls away. “I’m just so excited! I finally get to see real mermaids!” she jokes. I roll my eyes and continue sipping on my lemonade.
The vitals test wasn’t a requirement, but I thought it would be fun to watch. Callie usually gets tired after airplane trips, and becomes extremely lazy. So when it comes to the physical portion of the test, well, let’s just say I’ll be bringing a camera.
I finish up my drink and get up. It was time for some fishing.
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