#1-Back for the summer
Miko was my best friend.She had a clean smile and big blue eyes that comforted you when you were sad.Her hair was pitch black with 3 pink highlights . Now that she’s gone I feel like nothing. She moved to Minnesota last summer.I have new friends but none of them are my best-friend. Miko will always be my best friend.
“Mandy!!” My 6 year old little sister Andy yelled. “What.” I grumped back. “I got the _Princess Sugar Sparkle _ game!” She yelled to me. “OK.” I rolled my eyes. “Hayo!”My face-time alarm was Miko saying “Hayo!” when she was 6.I ran down the stairs holding a lime green scrap-book that said “MEMORIES” I saw Miko on the computer screen.She had some-one next to her.She looked younger than Miko by about 3 years. I was worried it was a friend.” MANDY!!!!” Miko yelled as she threw her arms around her I-pad as if it was me.” Who is your friend?” I asked. “She’s the one I was telling you about.” Miko said. Thats weird because I only remember her telling me about adopting a little girl. “ She’s the one we adopted!” Miko said. “Her name is Allicent.”Miko said with a twinkle in her eyes. My puppy Allicent [coincidence] jumped on my leg. “Oh hi Allicent!” Miko said trying to see her. “ H-h-h, Hi!” Allicent [ the person] said. “ Hi Allicent!” I said. “ I’m Mandy.” “ How old are you?” I asked. “6” Allicent said in a sweet soft voice. “ MAAAANNNNNNNNN-DDDDDDYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Miko’s younger sister Cleo yelled. “ Hi Cleo!” I said “ ANDY GET OVER HERE!” I yelled. “CLEO!!” Andy yelled as she popped up behind me. “ Hi Andy!!” Cleo said. “ ? “ Allicent didn’t know who Andy was. “ Andy is my little 6 year old sister.
“Hey, all of our siblings are 6!” Miko said. “ I LUV Princess Sugar Sparkle!” Allicent said in a dreamy voice. “Me two” Andy said. “Um well I’ll see you tomorrow Mandy!” Miko said. “Oh one more thing,” Miko paused, “tomorrow I’ll see you in person.” And she hung up. All theese thoughts were having a marathon in my head. What did she mean?Was she coming to California?
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