Sometimes, different is better.
Piper, Josh & Sylvia
Grim Fate & The Cripple Return
Josh, Piper, and Sylvia were the best of friends you could ever imagine. Their friendship was based on trust, hope, and love. It lasted as long as they lived. Or, at least that’s what they thought.
Life is very typical.
Like, when you think you’re going to go to school and have a normal day, you will. I mean, sure, there are gonna be good points, like getting 100% on the math test, but that’s regular.
Regular. It’s dreadful. Normal, even worse. I have regular brown hair, and a normal hat, and... Well, etc. Josh and Sylv, that’s a _different story.
Slyvia, or Sylv, as she hates to be called, is disabled, and has a wheelchair, because she lost her legs in the incident. And Josh has Crohn’s Disease. I know, deathly diseases, wow, So Jelly. But, these are my friends, it’s hard to not be jealous when Sylv gets Get Well gifts every day, and I’m just that girl next to her. We all try to keep our problems on the down-low, but for them, that’s nearly impossible.
Not for me.
What I’m trying to say is, I desperately try to have a problem. I have a cold, Ahhh! Chronic coughing disorder!! Totally.
Pathetic? Yes.
Smart? Well, that’s to be decided.
This is hard. I am Josh Platten. I am pretty regular, I’m pretty nice, life is good.
That’s a complete lie. Huh, that’s depressing. But, I try to look on the bright side. Let’s start again.
Hi, I’m Josh Platten, I have Crohn’s, and I’m 13. I go to Mc Dale, Junior High. I have two pretty good friends, Piper, and Sylvia, and we met in grade 4. Me and Sylvia were getting picked on a lot. Cripple and the Grim fate.
That’s what they called us. Piper, well, she came and tried to hang with us, even though we were lonely. I guess I’m grateful? I mean Piper was always trying to suck the popularity out of the small kids, but, she stuck by us. Sylvia loves her, for some weird reason, I guess I’m a guy, so I don’t understand the crazy antics of the girls.
Being short is annoying. But what if you were at bum height for your life? I suppose that’s what being in a wheelchair is about?
Probably not. But, that’s half of it. I should explain. Yeah, that would be nice.
Good day, I’m Sylvia, supposedly, I’m the loner in the corner of the class, getting straight A’s, and getting the good treatment. Let me break it down for you, Only a quarter of that is true. I am a loner, and I’m strictly a B- student, and I get regular treatment, despite popular rumor.
I have 2 great friends, Josh Platten, and Piper Simmons. Me and Josh, we were friends since kinder-start, cause we were both in the lollipop group.
And Piper met us in grade 4. She started off rude, but I warmed up to her. Josh was always kind. Even if the other kids weren’t.
Life is pretty hard, I guess, but Junior High will be easy! I mean, I’m used to being the weirdo, so what’s gonna be worse?
Junior High.
A dreaded place for most 12 or 13 year olds, where you basically start school all over again. Walking in the halls is like being a newborn waddling for the first time. I mean, don’t get me started on the cafeteria! Jeez.
Anywho, Sylvia was WAY early, and Josh was super late, he said he was sick this morning, But he didn’t want to abandon Sylv, so he came. “Just don’t projectile vomit onto me, Kay?” I say as he sits down next to me. Could’ve sworn I heard a laugh.
Sylvia wheeled to us. “Josh, c’mon, we’ve got to get to the guidance counselor.” She said worriedly.
Josh sighed and followed her out of the class. It happens every year, and I have to cover for the cripple and grim fate as they miss 10 tons of homework. What? I’m allowed to call them that!
I almost faint when our teacher comes in. He dons a lab coat and ginger Albert Einstein styled hair. His fashion sense is intolerable, but thankfully I pull through.
Next period? Ugh, kill me now.
Might as well kill me, today’s the first day of Junior High.
I sit next to Piper, not that I want to, I guess it’s that friend policy Sylvia keeps pushing onto me. Piper greets me kindly, sort of. She calls me Grim, that was a bit unsettling, but like I said, friend policy. “Heya Grim!” She waves. “I was super sick, sorry I was late.” I mutter back.
She teases me about it, something about projectiles, but right now, I’m deep in thought. Y’know, gone.
Yeah, Crohns does have side effects, like... Well, um. No. Ew.
“I didn’t want to abandon Sylvia. Um. It’s lonely, so...” I start blushing wildly, and it won’t stop. I silent myself when Piper starts a conversation with the kid next to her.
Sylvia wheels in speedily, followed with a group of other traumatized children.
Yup, traumatized, that’s what they call us. Traumatized children.
“C’mon! Josh! Let’s get to the guidance counselor!” She squeaks. She looks at her watch 20 times, at least.
I nod, and we leave quietly, yet at least 50 people laughed at the parade of Pathetic Traumatized kids.
First day.
First day.
First day.
I didn’t think it would come SO soon. Summer barely lasted. Piper calls me first thing, and she says she’s lazy. I can’t help but get ready really fast and get there WAY too early.
I wait for the janitor to open the huge doors to open and ask my mom to help me with the bookbag’s. It was because I was too scared to go in alone. Heh. “Honey, are you sure?” My mom chimes in nervously as we walk in the big empty building. Guess fear runs in the family.
I unpack all my stuff, and try to wheel in confidently. 2 other kids are there, one of them I know. They snicker, but I shrug it off.
I go to check to see if I can see the guidance counselor. About 5 other kids are waiting by the white door. They look small. I see a kid from last year, Jonathan.
He grins. “Hey!! Natalie?” I frown. “Sylvia.”
He seems untouched by it. “Eh, whatevah! Girl! Help us in!”
I smile. Finally something I’m good at. Sweetalking teachers.
“Let’s get the other kids, they can’t say no!”
He nods happily. I’m pretty sure he just wants the guidance counselors free lollipops, but I’ll roll with it. Pun intended.
We grab Josh and like a bunch of other kids and get in.
He looks exasperated. He says he had a bad morning. For some reason he blushes, probably not, maybe it was the lighting.
We get there at last, with the mob behind us.
What I saw, I cannot understand.

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