if you can change one thing, what would it be?
One hour until the clock strikes twelve. One hour until the fireworks boom. One hour until couples kiss and smile.
One hour to change everything.
I stare at my trembling hands. The world is at my fingertips. Before, I was at the world’s. I had done some terrible things that I wish with all of my heart I could take back.
I squeeze my eyes shut and clench my hands. Fifty-nine minutes. Fifty-eight.
When I open my eyes, I’m no longer sitting on my couch and watching TV. Instead, I’m sipping coffee at my favorite cafe, Donatella’s. It’s a small place, with warm customers and happy smiles. The aroma of chocolate floats in the air.
The bell on the door jingles, and I know exactly who will walk in.
A boy my age strolls inside nonchalantly. He observes the cafe with a cute glance.
My heart beats out of my chest. His name is Dominic Smalls, with blonde hair and a blinding smile.
I had traveled back to when I had met him. I had traveled back to where our relationship started. I rise to talk to him, but I remember what I had done before. When I was at this cafe, and I decided to talk to him. We were together, but he encouraged me to do things I would never do. Things that I regretted doing.
My biggest mistake: falling in love with Dominic Smalls.
I stare at my hands again. I have two options: Say “Hi” and relive my mistakes, or change everything so I wouldn’t have to.
This is the end of it.
I watch as he orders his drink. He turns to leave, and I divert my eyes. Hiding behind my mug, I watch as he exits the cafe and strolls down town.
Something lifts off of my shoulders. He’s gone. I think. My mistakes are gone.
Suddenly, a movie flashes into my eyes. Moments of me and Dominic doing things that we shouldn’t. Things, that I could never do again. The movie is gone with a flash, and I’m back in my living room.
I cannot believe it, I can’t.
I had just changed my life.
I smile. Things couldn’t have turned out better. I had erased that part of me that I regretted. Not talking to him at Donatella’s had changed my life.
I am glad it did.
When midnight comes, fireworks will boom. When midnight comes, people will cheer and drink champagne. When midnight comes, I will not have a boy to kiss.
When midnight comes, a page will turn and a new chapter of my life will begin.

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