Felicity and the Magic Easel
Felicity’s 16th Birthday approaches
Meet Felicity, a talented, young artist with the BIGGEST imagination you could ever imagine.
Her ambition is to travel the world to see the wonderful things she is so good at picturing in her mind’s eye. She just loves to read travel books and brochures or listen to the travel shows on TV. Then she locks herself in her room in the lofty attic of her home where she paints pictures of the places she has read about. She paints so much that her walls are adorned with wonderful, atmospheric paintings.
At the start of the last school semester, she told her brother John,
‘Someday I’ll go to see all those places for real. I want to visit EVERY SINGLE DESTINATION in those brochures on the travel agent’s shelves - and then some!’
‘Yeah... right,’ answered John, scornfully, with a bored look on his face. ‘As if that will ever happen! Get real Flick! We both know you’re so shy that you wouldn’t even make it to the end of the road.’
To be honest, John had a point. Felicity spends so much time alone that she is extremely shy and awkward in social situations. She seldom joins in any of the group activities at school but on the rare occasion that she does, she finds them more of an ordeal than a pleasure. So she prefers to spend her time curled up on the armchair that sits beneath one of the big skylight windows of her room, reading and dreaming of far flung places.
But Felicity ALWAYS gets good grades at school. So much so that she has a developed a reputation as a bit of a geek amongst her peers. And that’s just one more thing that makes her feel out of place in their company.
Last Thursday morning, over breakfast, Felicity’s mother said,
‘Flick - you’ll be sixteen next Tuesday, have you decided which college you want to apply to and which subjects you’d like to study? Because - before you know it - another year will have flown in and it will be time to go.’
Felicity sighed, the previous week her form teacher had asked her the same question - a question that filled her heart with dread. Every time she thought about leaving home to go to college a sense of panic washed over her. Unlike the exotic locations in the travel brochures, the regimental constraints of a nameless, grey walled college didn’t hold the slightest allure for Felicity. She broke out in a cold sweat at the thought of not being able to retreat to her attic room in the evenings.
‘Erm... I know I’d like to study art for sure mum,’ she replied, edgily. ‘But I haven’t given college much thought.’
‘Well you need to start doing some research Flick, perhaps a few day visits to those colleges that take your fancy could be arranged.’
‘Erm... yeah - I’ll think about it mum.’
But - truth be told - such thoughts of the future were frightening and unsettling for a shy girl of almost sixteen.
On the morning of her birthday Felicity woke to find her mother baking a cake,
‘Hurry home from school tonight Flick,’ she said. ‘There’s someone coming to see you.’
‘To see me?’
‘Yes,’ replied her mother with a smile. ‘Your great aunt Amelia Felicity - you’re called after her you know.’
‘Oh! I didn’t know that,’ said Felicity. ‘Why have I never met her before?’
‘For as long as I can remember she has lived in Paris, where she spends her time painting commissioned works for the rich and famous, so you’ve actually got more than your name in common,’ continued her mother. ‘She’s grandpa’s youngest sister and a successful artist.’
Felicity eyes lit up as excitement coursed through her in waves.‘Really?’ She asked. ‘And she’s coming here especially to see me?’
‘She certainly is, when Grandpa told her how much you loved to paint, she said that a visit to see him and his family was long overdue. She stayed at Grandpa’s last night and I’ve invited them both to eat with us tonight. I thought we could turn it into a little birthday celebration.’

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