Fighting Fire
The crowd respectfully stood and cheered as Marcus went on stage towards the pulpit in the City Center. His campaign was going very well and he was favored to win the election. Marcus started his eloquent speech that enticed the audience. Everything was going exceptionally well.
“I plan to better this country with small steps. I will better the economy, jobs, and taxes. I will lower this countries debt instead of making it higher like the past presidents,” Marcus said with a smile. “And unlike the past presidents, I will follow through on everything I say. I will be a man of my word and will make no false promises.”
“I will also not sugar-coat anything and will not give you false hope or pretend that everything is amazing when it’s not. But I promise that I will do anything and everything to make this country better starting one step at a time,” Marcus finished flashing a smile with his bright white teeth.
Everyone stood and applauded enthusiastically. Marcus was pleased with the effect his speech had made. They stood for several minutes before Marcus started making his way to the back, shaking hands and sharing brief hugs with people.
Meanwhile a man named Grady was startled by a blaring alarm. He immediately readied himself along with other men for what was to come.
Each and every one of them knew that lives depended on them and people trusted them. This tremendous pressure was part of their lives. They got used to it, but it never eased the weight of it all. It was part of firefighter’s life.
A loud voice spoke over the speakers, “This is urgent! There is a fire in the City Center. Everyone is trapped inside. And a presidential candidate is trapped, too!”

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