Something happens, something that Madison never would’ve expected.
Someone Unexpected
Meeting Him
“ Have fun,” Mom yelled. I was going ice skating with my friends. We were at an outside rink. That day happened to be snowing. It was still fun.
I was gliding swiftly like a bird chirping. I was just gliding. It looked so festive. The trees. It looked like a winter wonderland. “ Watch out!” Ava yelled.
At first, I was confused. BAM! Did I just hit a tree? “ Whoa” a guy said skating toward me. “ Are you okay?” Then, I looked at him. His black shaggy hair was messy, but cute. His blue eyes looked into mine. It looked like I was staring at the ocean. “ I’m fine,” I said getting up. I continued skating with my friends. It never occurred to me, that this ice skating hangout would change my life.
“ Today class, we have a new student,” Mrs. Brown said. We never had a new student, so everyone was excited. “ Here he is,” Mrs. Brown continued. I was just shocked. It was the kid that I met at the ice skating rink. “ Tell us a little bit of yourself,” Mrs. Brown was saying.“ My name is Jackson. I just moved here from Boston. My parents are lawyers. Also I like to play baseball,” Jackson explained. “This was just a weird coincidence” I thought.
“ Hey, isn’t that the boy that helped you at the ice skating rink?” Ava asked.
“ Yeah,” I blushed. Something about him made my heart flutter. His eyes, his hair, his smile. It just made my day. “ For the science project, this year, you will have partners,” Mrs. Brown told us. She started listing the partners. “ Ava and Jordan. Emma and Noah. Julia and Austin. Madison and Jackson...” Wait, did she just say Madison and Jackson. “ Great” I thought. “ Lunch time,” Mrs. Brown sang.
For lunch, I had mac and cheese. I sat down at my usual table with Ava, Emma, and Sabrina. They were my friends. I saw Jackson, sitting alone. I felt bad for him. I just walked up to where he was sitting and sat down with him. For a moment, he looked shocked.
“ Do you like sports?” He asked me.
“ Yeah, I play basketball and track,” I said. We talked and ate. I found out we had a lot in common. He liked track and basketball too. We both like our family and traveling. BRRRRRRING! “ See you around,” I said. He waved. Gosh, he was so nice. I think I might have a crush on him.

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