can hazel save the books before it’s too late?
Hazel stared up at the vast rows of books that encompassed her like a massive tornado of knowledge. As she stared down the aisles filled with a multitude of books and people, she saw her friend Olive head down the oak and concrete stairs into the teen scene. The teen scene was the young adult section where the twelve and older kids went to look for their books. Hazel smiled and quickly descended the stairs into the teen scene. She passed through the black and green bookshelves that dominated the low level ceilings, walking by several comic books including; Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Naruto, and, marvel’s Iron Man. Hazel dragged her fingers lightly across the fiction section stopping now and then to look at some of her favorite books like; Iron Trial, Keeper of the Lost cities, and Maze Runner. She found Olive looking through the audio books in the very back of the room, “What book are you looking for?” Olive jumped and turned around,”Oh, Hazel I didn’t see you there. Well I’m looking for a book called Firelight but they don’t seem to have it as an audio book.”
Hazel scrunched up her forehead as she thought. “What genre is it?”
“Fiction.” Olive replied. Together they ran to the fiction section, giggling as the librarian told them to “slow down!” Hazel dropped to her knees and scanned the bottom shelves for the evasive book, while Olive searched the higher shelves as her stature allowed for more height in reaching, as she was very tall. After about a couple minutes they finally located the book, It was a simple black and white cover with a leather binding the cover design pictured white flames devouring an origami ship. Olive stared at the book, “Yep this is it, It’s gotten great reviews! So basically the book is a bout a girl who goes on a big adventure looking for a secret artifact!”
Hazel shrugged, “It doesn’t really sound very interesting.”
“Well you’re missing out on one of the greatest works of Elijah Van Roy, also known as E.V.Roy!” As Olive began to pour forth the awesomeness of Firelight Hazel pulled Exeptionals off the book shelf and checked it out using the self check out next to the catalog computers. “By Olive gotta go!” Olive turned around and grinned, “Bye!” She waved and went back to what she was doing.
“Mom I’m home!” Hazel exclaimed as she stepped through the threshold of the door to her house. Her mom was sitting at the round mahogany table that was placed at the center of the large room decorated with pictures of Hazel’s family. Above the table hung a simple metal chandelier, her mom looked up from the stack of papers she was sorting, her face looked relived to see her. “Bad day today?” Hazel inquired, her mom worked at Straub middle school as a Math teacher, but sometimes her students answers escaped her. “How did your trip to the library go?” Her mom asked.
“Great, I helped Olive find the new book she wanted. It’s called, Firelight.”
“Oh that was nice of you to do that for her. I remember Olive, such a tall girl, I wonder when she’ll stop growing?”
Hazel walked up to her room and plopped down onto her tiny four poster bed and opened up Exeptionals.

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The Magic of Firelight

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