Sparks of love are kindling. Who do they shower?
Sparks Fly
“Circle, everyone!” the teacher’s voice rang out.
This is silly, I thought as I stood and headed towards the outer edge of the room, with my best friend, Allana. We were in grade 5 and circle? Seriously?
“Boy-girl please!” the teacher’s voice interrupted my thoughts.
I groaned. Me and Allana shuffled to create a space for a boy between us. My crush, Armin walked over to sit in between us. On the other side of Allana sat Armin’s older borther, Matt. Allana liked Matt, I could tell by the way she blushed.
“Hey Alyssa,” said Armin.
I looked up at him. He was an inch taller than me, dark brown hair swept to the side. He looked really cute, I thought.
I brushed my dark brown hair out of my face, and the teacher spoke once again, “Get an instrument, please.” She pointed at the red boxes that sat right of her.
I stood up, everyone did the same, and walked over to the boxes. I choose 2 small plain purple shakers. I looked at Armin, he had taken finger symbols and Allana had a small hand drum.
The teacher proceeded to take out 4 hula hoops, one blue, red, yellow, and green, and placed them in the center of the room.
“The skins belong in blue, the wood in red, the shakers in yellow, and the metals in green,” she told us. She continued, “When the conductor taps the hoop that your instrument belongs in, strike your instrument to the rhythm of the conductor’s beat. Ready? I’ll be conductor first.”
We played along to her rhythm and then she stopped. “Pass your instrument to the person on your right.”
Since Armin was on my left, he passed his finger symbols to me. Our fingertips touched briefly and I blushed lightly.
“Who wants to be conductor next?” asked the teacher.
After each conductor’s turn we passed our instruments to our right and another conductor was chosen. This went on for the 45 minute block, but all I could focus on was Armin.
My heart started to beat faster. It was later in the day, and Armin sat next to me. Again. We were in the gym, doing P.E. and playing skittles. The middle skittle had just been knocked down, and it required 2 people to defend.
Who happened to be those 2 people next in line? Me. And Armin. I jogged to the middle, picked up and placed the skittle back where it belonged.
“You defend, I’ll attack,” said Armin.
“Okay,” I replied.
He bent down to pick up a ball and then ran off to attack the other skittles. I paced around the skittle. A boy named Josh came up and attacked. At the beginning of the school year I had a crush on Josh.
I liked Armin better so I had gave up on Josh. He feinted and tried to hit the skittle. I kicked it away just in time. He went back to his skittle, but another person came up. Myrina. She was nice, and she was athletic.
Uh oh, I thought. She ran up to me and I tried to block her. As she attempted to get the ball past me and knock down my skittle, she accidentally kneed me in the thigh.
“Ow.” I said. I tried to keep in my pain, but it hurt.
“Sorry, I’m so sorry, Alyssa!” Myrina said.
“It’s okay, really,” I told her.
Distracted by pain, I didn’t notice someone else coming up. It was Kyla. She was almost as fast and athletic as Myrina, but not quite.
By the time I pushed away my pain, it was too late. She threw the ball, I dived... And Armin caught the ball before it hit the skittle.
“You okay?” he asked. “Yeah,” I answered, standing up.
“How many people did you get?” “3? or 4? I forgot,” he said.
I knew Armin was good attacking, so that was no surprise. We continued playing, and a few minutes later, Kyla hit my skittle down. No surprise there, either. I wasn’t the best defender.
Groaning, I called out to Armin, “We’re hit!”
Armin jogged over to the bench and I followed him. P.E. continued, and me and Armin weren’t at the same skittle again. Little did I know, these were moments to be treasured, because Armin would have more choices in crushes soon.
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