His eyes were ever so soft, his eyes were super mysterious with both the color green and brown. His sandy hair was just the right length. He had huge muscles. A jock. A basketball player. A player too. His name, was Anthony.
“Uh, Ally?” My friend Victoria asked me. “Earth to Ally!”
“Wha-Huh?” I asked.
“Are you okay?” Vi asked.
“Uh yeah! Never been better, wait, why?” I asked.
“Because,” Vi smirked. “You were in some sort of gaze. You were like staring at Anthony and murmuring his name.”
“I was?” I asked.
“Yup!” She smiled. “So you have a crush on him?”
“Well duh.” She said. “All girls do.”
“Except you.” I said.
“That’s right. The only boy I’m interested in is Jacob.” Vi said.
Jacob is Vi’s boyfriend. They met each other in our freshman year and have been dating ever since. (We’re in our sophomore year.)
“Hey Vi!” I exclaim as Anthony flirts with a cheerleader.
“Yeah?” She asked.
“Do you think Anthony will notice me if I’m a cheerleader?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him?” Vi said.
“What? NO way!” I shriek.
Mandy the cheerleader, who Anthony was flirting with, giggled.
Soon, Anthony and Mandy were walking, arms linked.
I sighed.
“It’s okay.” Vi said, catching on to my mood. “You’ll get him someday.”
Vi, noticing that my expression hasn’t changed, said, “You know what he’s like, he’s a player. He and Mandy will be over within a day!”
A faint of a smile came on my face. “You’re right!”

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