Super powers.
Unexpected visitor.
Hannah! Get down here! Hannah’s mother called from the first floor. Coming mom! Hannah called from the third floor of her house. She got dressed and climbed out the window.(yes the window she is a acrobat) She climber down and into the kitchen window with no one watching. Mom! Hannah climbed in the window again! A voice called. Some one was watching her. Her little sister ran from underneath the table. Come back here! Hannah called running after her sister. Hannah! No running! Her mother called. But mom! Hannah whined. No but’s! And no whining you act like a child. Her mother said calmly. Ugh! Hannah grunted. Hannah there is nothing wrong with your power. Hannah’s mother said softly. Hannah smiled at her mother. We are super heroes! Her mother reminded her for the fifth time in five years. Hannah stretched to the ceiling and walked all the way on the ceiling to her sister’s room where she was playing with her dolls. Hannah planted her feet firmly on the ceiling and stretched down to where her sister Haley could only see her head. Boo! Hannah surprised her. Haley screamed. Ow! Hannah said annoyed. She got off the ceiling and plated her feet on the ground.
You know for a superhero without a power you have a super scream. Hannah informed her sister. Haley scolded Hannah. Hannah stuck out her tongue and stretched thin and slinked out of the closed window. Hannah went to her room stretching up up up all the way to the third floor. She got to her window got inside and closed the window. She turned on the radio and listened to her favorite song. Super Hero. By,”Anita Femur.” Hannah began singing to her favorite song.
Oh the powers sing to the weather!
And the powers go up and down!
We can fly high high high!
Oh can’t you see?
It’s so good to be one of me!
Hannah was interrupted by a knock on her door. She ran to turn off her music. Who is it? Hannah asked through the door. It’s mom. You have friend here. Her mother called. Coming! Hannah called. She ran down the stairs wondering which of her BFF’s were here. She pressed all the
Anti-hero-home buttons turning her home to a human home. Not a super hero home. She took of her princess of the galaxy crown which disappeared to her super hero closet. She answered the door and there stood her worst enemy. Jack! Hannah scowled.

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