if flowers don’t grow without water and food, how will we?
Flowers Don’t Grow
The Exchange
“The average flower needs water everyday,” Ms. Greenwell explains, boring me and others out of our minds. “If it doesn’t get it’s water, it could very well die. It will shrivel up and hold onto the last drop of water until finally, it gives up.
Does anyone understand why the flower will die? Anyone?” She scans the room, and I see an unfamiliar boy’s hand fly up. “Ah! Nikolai, the new exchange student. Do you know why the flower will die?”
The confident, cute, tan boy nods solemnly. “The flower will die-“ His accent and his little lisp makes everyone gasp. He’s Russian! “because the water is it’s nutrition, and every living thing needs nutrition to survive.”
“Great!” Greenwell says happily, applauding the boy like he just won the lottery. “Good job, Nikolai!”
“Please,” He says humbly. “Call me Nik.”
“As you wish.” Greenwell smiles, and rushes over to her star board. “Gold star for you, Nik.”
“Star?” He asks.
“Oh!” Greenwell scans the room and points to me. “Emmalee, please explain the star system to Nik.”
I gulp and walk over to him and sit down. “The star system is where you get stars on your little spot on the chart. When you get five stars, you get extra credit.”
“I thought this was eighth grade,” He chuckles. “Not kindergarten.”
“Oh it is,” I quickly say. “Ms. Greenwell is just crazy.”
“Crazy?” He reddens. “Sorry, I don’t know some English words.”
“Oh,” I laugh softly. “It means like-“ I whirl my finger around my hair. “Coo-coo.”
“Like a rooster?”
I burst out laughing. “No! Coo-coo means like insane, loco.”
“Oh! Loco! Yes!”
“Yeah,” I cough lightly. “That’s what crazy means.”
“Okay,” He tilts his head. “Your name is Emmalee?” He says ‘Emmalee’ like ‘Aim-aye-lee’.
“Yes,” I smile brightly. “My name is Emmalee.”
“Wow!” He gasps. “Your name is beautiful.”
“Thanks,” I blush. “Yours is nice too.”
“Thank you.”
“Do you have a phone?” My smile falters. Idiot! I think. I just... blurted it!
“Yes,” He smiles deviously. “Do you want my number?”
“Sure.” I say, trying to hide my anxiousness.
“Well, you can’t have it.”

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Hair, Makeup, Clothes. Hair, Makeup, Clothes. No, no food.

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