let’s have a battle. whoever loses has to delete their account.
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“yo don’t slide into my dms i don’t want to talk to you”
In which two Insta-famous strangers decide to battle it out online through direct messaging and a little competition (11,000 followers on the line, of course).
Jasa is a eighteen-year-old girl ready to take Instagram by storm — and she’s work for over two years to get her account to where it is now. She’s determined to make it as an Insta-famous YouTuber and show the world how fabulously sassy she is.
Wesley is a happy-go-lucky eighteen-year-old boy who’s been blessed by the Insta lords — his profile has caught up to hers in less than half a year. Spamming is his thing, and he’s overly confident in all aspects: from his aesthetic feed to his “macho” face.
When these two teens meet over Instagram, there’s a clash between pride. Neither one of these hard-headed kids are ready to give up their account and lose to the other. But there’s always twists and turns to every story — even if they’re thousands of miles apart.
Epistolary book.

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