Followed By A Evil Light
The Beginning
Why do I get this feeling that I am followed?
Why do I get this feeling that I am left out?
Why do I get this feeling that I am all alone?
Why do I get this feeling that I’m not lonely?
Well, it all started on Friday the 13th.
“It’s almost 8.30 PM! Well, you know what time is it?” our camp counselor exclaimed.
“Ghost story time!” everyone except me yelled. I just stood one side and pouted. Well, I was not and still ain’t fond of ghost stories. But when we headed to the function room to tell, or to just bore me to my grave, ghost stories, there was one story that caught my attention (while I was drawing a cat).
My friend, Aster, was great at ghost-storytelling. But this one was awfully realistic and scary at the same time.
“Once upon a time, there were two fairies, one dark, one bright. The dark one was amazingly good, while the bright one was awfully bad. They often argued about destroying the world and helping the needy. But one day, the dark fairy suddenly disappeared.
“The bright fairy was shocked yet delighted about the disappearance of the dark fairy. She could finally take over the world! She rubbed her hands in glee as she went to her ‘Room of Rituals’ to pray to the Void Queen. As she entered, she felt a chill down her bones for no reason at all. She ignored the feeling and continued down the hallway. Suddenly, the bright fairy saw a wisp of light. She hollered, ‘Who’s there? Show yourself!’ The worst then happened.
“What the other Faeries heard was only a blood-curdling scream. They rushed to where the bright fairy was and they only saw.....”
Aster let her words linger on to create the effect of scariness. The whole class was shuddering in fear; Some even held on to each other. The image of the story was still in my mind. I did not know Aster was such a good storyteller, yet I can’t stop this feeling that Aster was just...
Maybe evil?
Maybe sarcastic?
Maybe just pure talented?
Or maybe...
The Bright fairy.
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