If only
Your smile.
It lit up the room before I could speak.
Your hair.
Like soft waves, roll past your cheeks.
Your voice.
So, gentle, so kind, so meek.
If only...
My words.
To lighten your heart.
My hands.
Entwined in yours.
My heart.
Home for you alone.
If only...
Our bodies
In a warm embrace.
Our minds.
In perfect harmony.
Our lips.
Meeting in joy and passion.
If only...
If only you could see me.
If only I was real.
If only we knew each other.
But reality made a seal.
That living and dead may not love.
That my hands give no warmth.
That my words leave no joy.
That my heart is no home.
If only I had seen it.
I had known.
If only they weren’t infected.
To make the wretched illness my own.
If only my last days weren’t so painful.
If only I had your love.
If only you had your black dress.
That you wore the day I was gone.
If only fates cruel game
Of forcing true love apart.
Was played just a few days before
The ailment stopped my heart..
If only you got to tell me your name.
Before I knew myself.
I had to look through records
From the dusty shelf.
I saw your name.
Engraved in gold.
A small picture of you.
A beautiful child, they day you were born.
Even then your smile was bright.
Even then your tone was fair.
Your happiness radiant,
Your joy beyond compare.
The name suited you perfectly.
A name so beautifully clear
That from the day you were born,
They could tell you would be fair.
It rolls off the tongue, dear Belle.
Alluring Belle
Captivating Belle.
Fascinating Belle.
My Belle.
I shall not let reality hold me back.
Breaking free is what I want.
I take what I want.
And I want you, Belle.
At first you would be scared.
But once you know.
Once you see.
Once you understand.
The man that is really me.
You won’t resist.
You’ll cling to me.
No matter what they’ll say.
We’ll have victory.
Our love will triumph!
They maybe you could join me...
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