she is the
Forest Queen
In the countryside, where barely any people lived, was a lovely brick cottage and in that cottage lived the Gales family. There was Mrs Gales, Mr Gales, Danny, the dog Plutarch and last of all Felicity. She plays a very important role in this story I am about to tell you. Her parents and her brother would wave her goodbye as she went down for her daily walk through the farm. Felicity loved all the animals no matter how big or small they were and, out of all the animals in their area, she loved Plutarch; the best. The female dog would never leave her side and was a great sheepdog. Danny was a six year old who always followed Felicity’s footsteps and loved her with all his heart. Felicity’s parents were very fair and kind people who would never lose their temper. They always wanted their son and daughter to be safe and not to be harmed.
Felicity’s first schedule would be going out to the farm with Danny and do all the chores around the farm. They loved every bit of going outside and working. It was like their favourite hobby and the two siblings would never get bored of it. Danny milked all the cows and goats, shaved the sheep, picked all the fruits and vegetables and groomed the horses. Felicity rounded up all the sheep and horses with Plutarch, collected the eggs from the chickens, checked the creek so it would be good for the ducks to swim in, checked the barn, sty, stables and fences to see if they were clean and made sure all the food and grass was well. They would then go back to their cottage and eat their lunches. Felicity and Danny didn’t go to school but they were taught at their home by their clever parents. Mr and Mrs Gales didn’t go out to work because they did all the work around the house.
The inside of their home was just as good as the outside. There was timber floor and the walls were all painted a cream colour. The kitchen, living room and bathroom were the only rooms in the house but it was still a great place to live in and the Gales family all slept in the living room. The dog slept on the spare pillow next to their mattresses. Their garden was beautiful with all the flowers, trees and small arch they bought from the antique for a good price. It looked like a wonderland when you are walking around and feeling the emotion every step of your way. Felicity thought that there was no other place where there was a much more beautiful home than this.
Her bookshelf that she shared with her brother contained a numerous amount of fabulous books that sat formerly on the shelves. None of the stories were bad ones and they were the type of books that you could read again and again and you would never get bored of it. Night after night, while her family was sleeping, Felicity would pick out a random book and read it to herself. She would always get drifted away into another world by the ebony words on the old pages.
I watch her and see her enthusiastic, intelligent and creative mind flow with life as she gets to devour more information throughout the future. Felicity had many curious questions to share with the world. How did people get onto Earth? What can be Earth’s future? Felicity loved to find facts in every nurtured book on the shelf.
Having a conversation with her little brother at night was one of the best things that was part of her schedule. They would talk non-stop about anything they could come up with. They even ended up gossiping about their parents which wasn’t a very nice thing to do. Tonight Danny started the conversation and he said “My, I just thought about how it would be like to be a king. Boy wouldn’t it be wonderful!” Felicity grabbed her small quilt and tied two corners around her neck loosely. Now she had a cape draping along the polished timber floor. “I am the eleven year old Felicity, Queen of the Gales household and you can be my heir to the throne!” Danny started laughing so hard that Felicity had to shush him.
They both wouldn’t fall asleep, so they crept to the window and stared out into the distance. The stars and the moon in the night sky reminded them of the city lights which was where they used to live in. The moon was a fat circle, shining brightly. They imagined that the moon was the king of the sky. “Ohhh!” whisper-shouted Danny. “The stars can be the people like us, so the moon is in charge of every single star in the sky! How amazing would that be! I just wish I was king,” sighed the little boy, “it would be so beautiful to see the view from the sky.”
‘What if I was Queen?’ thought Felicity. ‘The queen of the forest?’
Randule Forest was a vast, mossy forest, carpeted with untamed bush. Foxes, wolves, rabbits and deers lived within the forest, living carelessly, nothing to worry about. It was like a dream...beautiful creatures roamed its perimeters making it even more mysterious...what if something special lived there; something precious? All these sensations flurred through Felicity’s head in a usual manner. She always felt that Randule Forest was welcoming-it was like a second home to her. It felt special.
Every Sunday (her non-work day), she would visit the forest and sit amongst the willow tree’s roots, listening to the sounds of nature. Felicity would also bring a book to read against the willow trunk. The moment she entered Randule Forest, she felt as if she is welcomed by someone or something, and Felicity desperately wanted to go outside the borders of the forest but this wasn’t allowed for any of the countryside people. Felicity would always run to the very edge of the borders of Randule Forest and looked out into the distance. That Sunday, she could see a flock of jabirus flying towards the sun. The birds flew behind the trees and Felicity climbed a willow tree, to see them more clearly. I was an absolutely amazing sight, watching the harmless creatures soar through the clouds, over the forest.
There were many spiders along the tree, with their weaved homes. Felicity would watch the magnificent creatures wrap their prey around in their weaving and suck their blood. She found it absolutely eye-boggling how the insect life worked. The girl would pull out one of the spider’s web strings and crochet it. The spiders wouldn’t mind at all, and would watch her like she was watching them. After a few days she had made the best string that anyone had ever made. It felt so smooth and silky that it felt just perfect to be used for a scarf. The string was around 50 inches and the scarf would definitely be comfortable to wear around her neck in winter, as the soft texture was very comfortable.
When the sun went down, Plutarch barked wildly for everybody in the Gales’ household to come back, whether it was from farming or a daily walk. Then they would have dinner and the children would have their nightly conversation. Tonight they talked about Randule Forest and its superb wildlife. “I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Felicity explained. “Every time I visit the forest, I am welcomed in some way. I keep thinking about what is beyond the borders...” The family’s chatter stopped as they looked at Felicity. Their faces wore a confused expression, as if they were thinking of something that they had heard before...something that was important-that was related to Felicity’s feelings about Randule Forest.
Felicity looked away, the shy part of her didn’t want people staring at her like that. Felicity’s family members started whispering about something. Felicity’s ears strained as she tried listening to their quiet voices, “Forest...Heir to the Throne......Queen....Randule.”
Felicity was annoyed with her family’s behaviour and decided to walk to Randule Forest and sit amongst the tree’s roots, hoping to think of an explanation to all of these happenings.
As she grabbed her black coat from a hook, her mother asked, “Darling, have you ever thought that the forest, and its beings, are...well, serving you in a way...kinda, helping you?”
Felicity thought for a moment, “Yeah, kinda...why are you asking that?”
“Well, we think you are well...the heir to the throne of Randule Forest...The Forest Queen.”
Felicity gaped and started crying,”So you’re saying that you’re not my parents? I’m like a wild baby that’s born to a wolf?”
“Oh darling...don’t think about it like that. You are...”
But Felicity didn’t hear the last sentence because she had ran away, towards the Forest of Randule-her kingdom.

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