forever, Harriet
hope... everlasting
to the city halls from the shallow creaks, the music lasting forever flows with in I close my eyes to imagine the peaceful sound of harmony. The dazzling creak Captures my emotions, as I say good bye for the last time.
‘’ the city park well, is closed forever and if you want any objections and you’ll be hearing from the police so don’t think I’m not watching you. her growl was ferocious as always and her eyes where dark, with no soles to them just as the black hole she was creating to suck up the hopes and dreams we ever had.
She was always there even when I didn’t care, to hold my hands and my hopes. to seek that worries that I throw, she promised me that she’ll never let me go, or to be by myself forever but she did and she left with no kisses or hugs. I ran to find her but she was lost and I fell into the night with no sky or light she let my dreams go and did this just so. my last ray of light has lost it’s magic spark so now I’m in the dark with no forever promises.
“ you little girl, stop that dreadful leaking, you ungrateful worm look at all the other children eaten their food. like good little girls and boys. are you a naughty miss harry narry, GO TO YOUR ROOM AND STAY THERE, if you know what’s good for you oops I forgot you don’t know anything at all.”
her last rays of words put a freezing cold spell on my heart to think she was a human at all sniffles formed into angry fuel
“you know what I know lady, that will forever be harriet and nothing else bricks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never EVER HURT. Hasn’t anybody taught you THAT.”
“WELL LITTLE GIRL, you can SPEAK, hasn’t your mother ever taught manners’’
and that was all to crack my heart to pieces and nothing more I stood my ground and left with all I had left and that was my tiny string of faith to conceal my tiny spark of shining rays.
I couldn’t take this anymore the horror the teasing and all for what nothing absolutely nothing. the moonlight was shining on my window, an idea sparked into my head, I took my advantage of the dark and took of to the one place that I could always count on it never moved it never went away it was always there . my creak, with no shoes on with nothing holding me back I jumped in to the water of dreams.
I never did come back, never ever. I, was gone to find mummy.
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