I’m too good
The Wall
Fiona- pretty glossy she-fox white belly and black paws, green eyes
or magic
Sticks can be of the Natural Elements-
Earth,Water,Fire, or Air
If they are earth it looks like a brown-mud color
If they are water it looks like a sea blue color
If they are fire it looks like a bright crispy red color
If they are air it looks like a clear glass color
An Earth stick can make dust, mud, or lava comes up form the core of the earth.
A Water stick can make ice, frost, or water
A Fire stick can make explosion,a fire, or a flame
An Air Stick can make hurricanes, strong breezes, or a sound shriek(something that can split part of the earth open)
A necklace can make you turn into a Natural Element.
Magic can be made by you own paws use the Natural Elements around you.
I looked onto the meadow, flowers blooming on all sides of me. I breathed in the wonderful scent and lashed my red glowing tail, my black paws thumped on the ground as ran to look at the 200 hundred foot wall, where animals with stunning powers were on the other side. Oh how I wished to be with them.
The sun was high in the sky, as the clear blue sky gave no hints of rain. A guard glanced my way and hurried up to meet me.
“Stay away from this wall Fiona, your wasting your time looking at it”, He huffed.
I whined “I’m not killing you if I just look” Cloud was a guard, but a magical guard, he had powers, sometimes I would come to talk to him for fun but I just didn’t want to talk to him right now, my longing to get over the wall was too much.
“No, maybe not but it doesn’t do any good just wasting your life to look at it” he barked, and gave me a worried look. The light blue fox’s pale gray eyes darted around as if something might jump out of the tall grass.
“Maybe not but, I’m just so...” I trailed off as turned around and starting running as I ignored Cloud’s calls and knew I had to do it tonight...
Thanks for reading!
- BrackenStripe

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