Text that make my New Year’s Eve
Freaking Emoji’s
Awkward Moment that you received someone’s message which that person usually do not type that way
Music continues as Mr. Daida, a friend of my dad, plays [Silent Night] on Erhu. It was Christmas today, December 25, 2016, for sure. Such a beautiful melody, let me take a video for my friends!
I open up the wechat group that includes Angela, Rachel, and Meggie, and pressed “sight”. I took 10 seconds of the enjoyable melody, and send them to the group.
“Done!” Although they’re my best friends, they have only interests on video games except for Meggie, who likes outdoors much better than video games. They are not interested in music as I do, are they going to say this melody is beautiful?
“Message!” It’s awkwardly from Rachel, she says:
“Beautiful music! Is that Erhu? [joyful emoji]
“Beep!” From Meggie:
“Sounds fun. [hearting emoji]
“Beep!” From Angela:
“Guys just stop BEEPING I am playing video game! [angry emoji]
I suddenly felt warm and weird.
I typed, “guys, thanks for your messages. I like Rachel’s message, so I went to the piano and took a video of me playing [Come on, Rachel].” Send! However, I quickly recalled it.
“Beep!” From Rachel:
“Saw ya. [tounge sticking out emoji]
“What?” I send.
“Send that. [Hey emoji]
Finally, I decided to send this:
“Wow wow wow, hold on! It is not usual to have you sending SO MUCH emoji! [facepalm emoji]
“Beep!” From Rachel:
“I am like this always. [joyful emoji]
Strange...... She never sends emoji! She’s even lazy to type words, usually one or two words in one message. Will it be someone else who took her phone without her permission? Like her mother, brother, or even a stranger?
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