See No Evil
Jack crossed his legs on the ugly green couch. He chuckled to himself and looked at the computer in his hands.
“Check these guys out..” Jack smiled mischiviously at his computer.
Whoever they were, they were pretty silly for thinking that they could make a difference. Nichi Botsu furrowed her brows and trotted over to him. She tied her short black hair into a low ponytail then, she laughed bitterly.
“Cause’ a computer campaign will save millions... Oh and that girl... “ Nichi pointed to the screen. “She’s crazy” She walked to beneath the fan and turned it off. Jack smiled exposing oddly sharp canines. Then he started to type. Nichi Botsu was distracted with getting dressed and paid no attention to Jack while he typed.
You are all dizzy dreamers if any of you think you’re going to make a difference. he continued to type under an anonymous profile.
“What are you doing?” Nichi flashed him an irritated glance with her gray eyes.
“It’s annonomous.” he asured her. She smiled to herself and slipped on her usual checkered tee and camoflouge jeans.
“Would you hand me that.. Over there-“ she started.
Jack tossed her, her red army boots and she caught them perfectly. Nichi mouthed “Thank you”
Jack continued to type the message. He was showing them reality. The painful truth.
“I have a question for ya Foxy,” Jack glanced at her, she was holding some sort of gray marker.
“Why do you always draw that star on your face?” he asked, pointing to his cheek.
“Because, Jack, I like to be unique.” She tossed the marker into a pile of dark clothes in the corner of the apartment.
“And don’t call me Foxy.” she glared at him.
“Where are you going?” Jack smiled, he knew where she was going but he also knew it irritated her when he asked.
“You know what I’m doing,” she smiled and picked up a spraypaint can.
“Wanna come with me?” she asked him.
Then the phone rang.
“Incoming call from; Annonomous.” said a voice not quite robot, not quite human.
“Ooh, annonomous,” Jack gestured the phone in attempt to impress her.
“Shall we answer it?”he asked. He trotted over to the phone and picked it up.
“Hello,” said the disembodied voice. “If you take value in your life, you will meet us at the given coordinates.” Jack looked amused, while Nichi furrowed her brows and her eyes widened.
“Hang up.” She commanded.
“Wait, this actually might be-“
“Hang. Up. The phone. Now“ her tone was harsh and with a tinge of fear, she waited.
“But.. We have nothing better to do.. And, do we really value our lives?” he asked her.
“You and I might not value out own lives, but I do value yours, so we’re not going.” Jack started to get suspisious, she was upset all of a sudden, why?
“It could be fun.” Jack insisted and taunted her. He could convince her. He just knew it. You only live once.
“I said we’re not going.” her face was grim and serious.

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