Fire and Ice - Polar opposites
Freezing Fire
Kyden slammed his locker shut. “I don’t know Brant,” he smirked, “I mean don’t you think Aideen is a bit out of your league? She is the most popular girl of the Ignisolans. She probably wouldn’t even glance at a note from someone other than her jerk boyfriend.”
Brant sighed in defeat. “Yeah I know. I don’t know what I was thinking,” he said with a sad chuckle.
The two friends started making their way towards the courtyard. Kyden punched Brant’s shoulder lightly. “Don’t worry bud, you’ll find a girl eventually. I mean come on, any Ignisolan girl would be lucky to have you. Fire fist?”
Brant grinned and bumped Kyden’s fist, and they both shot a mini flame into the air.
Presently they walked into the courtyard where lunch was taking place. There were four sections, one for each element of Element Academy. The red tables were where the Ignisolans sat—the students with fire powers. The pale blue tables were for the Nixians with snow and ice powers, green tables were for the Terracians with earth powers, and teal blue tables were for the Aquaticans with water powers. In the center of it all was a great big oak tree with bright multi-colored lights along the branches.
Kyden and Brant walked through the lunch line, then sat at a red table. Both of their lunches consisted of water, spicy nachos, and hot tamales candy. Ignisolans could tolerate extreme heat and spices.
Out of the corner of his eye, Kyden could spot an unfamiliar girl on the Nixian side. She had bleach blonde hair with icy blue streaks, and her eyes shone a striking gray. Kyden, being the mischievous troublemaker he was known as, thought it would be humorous to tease this new girl a bit.
“Dude, watch this,” he said to Brant with a sly grin. He shot a small flame right next to the girl’s chair, causing a little fire. The girl looked down and shrieked, hastily putting out the blaze with a shot of ice. Kyden and Bryant stifled their laughs, but the girl still noticed. Angrily she marched over to the boys’ table.
“Excuse me, do you have a good reason for trying to set me on fire?” She asked sharply.
Kyden ran his hand through his orange hair. “I thought it’d be funny. And I was right,” he replied with a smirk.
“Oh, I see.” The girl nodded. “Well if you thought that was funny, then watch this.” She placed her pale hands on the table and suddenly the surface completely froze over. Kyden and Brant cried out in shock.
This made Kyden mad. He shot up from his chair. “Whoa newbie, you do not know who you’re messing with.”
“Neither do you,” the girl replied fiercely. They glared at each other with eyes of fury and competition. Everyone in the courtyard was watching them.
Kyden cupped his hands together, then separated them, revealing a fire ball. As he moved them farther apart, the ball grew larger. The girl lifted her hands in the air, forming a dark cloud above her, then she moved the cloud to hover over Kyden. A cold wind blew down onto him, and a shot of ice struck from the cloud, but before it could touch him, he dodged it with the fire ball, terminating the cloud.
“Maybe you should back out while you can,” Kyden teased. “Before things get too hot for you, Popsicle.”
“Very funny, torch-head,” she retaliated. With a wave of her hands, she shot ice straight at him. He shot fire back at her, and the flames collided with the ice. The two teens forced their powers harder, trying to overpower each other. A cloud of steam rose from the meeting point of the fire and ice.
Two opposing forces colliding furiously—a miraculous sight to see. The surrounding students watched the fight with wide, curious eyes. Suddenly a deep, commanding voice shouted, “STOP!”
Kyden and the girl both fell to the ground in fatigue and surprise. A great blanket of steam spread around the courtyard. Glaring down at the two was Headmaster Adams, the man who ran the Element Academy.
“My office. Now.
Kyden and the girl, whose name was Eirwen, sat in large chairs across from Headmaster Adams. As the intimidating man glared at them, the two teens had never felt such fear than they did at that moment.
After what felt like years of tense silence, Headmaster Adams finally spoke, like a bomb exploding after complete quiet except for the nerve-racking ticking. “In the Element Academy rule book, Rule 96 clearly states, ‘No fighting or using powers to harm others outside of the Physical Training class is allowed.’ If the show you put on in the lunchroom isn’t considered a fight, then tell me, what is it?”
Both teens didn’t dare speak a word.
“Exactly. You see my point,” said the Headmaster. “It also says in the rule book, that there must always be a punishment for this act. So,” he paused to clear his throat, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to sentence both of you to help clean the classrooms both during lunch, and after school is over. You will have to do this for two weeks. I assume you both do not have any protests.”
Kyden and Eirwen did in fact have many protests, but they would be risking their lives if they said anything, so they both sat still.
“Very good.” The Headmaster slammed the rule book shut, causing the two students to jump. He looked at a clock on the wall. “You best be getting back to classes. Both of you come to my office after school is over and I will give you your schedules. Goodbye.”
The two students nodded, and cautiously stood up and left the room. Hastily they returned to their regular classes, but not without glaring at one another with annoyance.
Kyden and Eirwen met again after school in one of the Ignisolan classrooms. They were to clean the board, pick up trash, sweep, clean the desks, and make everything spic-n-span.
Eirwen sprayed the whiteboard down with a sigh. Kyden was wiping the desks with wipes, slightly eyeing Eirwen. He was surprisingly fascinated by her. He had never payed much attention to any Nixians, but this girl seemed different. Her iciness was mysterious and intriguing. He wanted to know more about her.
“So, you’re new, right?” Kyden asked.
Eirwen stared into Kyden’s dark brown eyes with her stormy gray ones. To Kyden it almost seemed like she was staring into his soul very creepily. A chill crawled down his spine. Did she do that? He wondered. Or was it just me?
Finally Eirwen looked away and replied, “Yes. Why do you ask?”
Kyden shrugged, choosing his words cautiously. “I just didn’t recognize you.”
Eirwen was silent. She wiped the board with a paper towel. “Why did you shoot fire at me?” She asked a few minutes later.
Kyden didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t really have a real reason. “Um...”
Eirwen glanced back at him again, straightening him out.
“I just like teasing people sometimes,” he said truthfully.
Eirwen sighed and threw away the paper towel. “Well, I can tell you from firsthand experience that people don’t usually like being teased.” She was making direct eye contact again.
Kyden gazed into her eyes curiously. They looked serious, yet soft. Like a light storm at sea. Dark and drizzling, but calm waves. Captivating.
He quickly looked away and returned to wiping the desks. “Well, sorry then. For teasing you.”
“I forgive you.” Eirwen walked over beside him and joined him in cleaning the desks. “Just don’t do it again. To anyone.”
He didn’t look at her. He listened. Her voice was soft. But still commanded others. He was so enthralled by this girl. Her presence was intimidating yet comforting. She was like a walking contradiction.
It was silent for a while. They both went around the classroom wiping down the dirty desks and taking off the gum from the bottom.
Suddenly while walking in opposite directions, their shoulders brushed each other, and a tingling sensation occurred in both of them. Steam arose from the meeting point. The feeling of their touch was very strange and unfamiliar, but it almost satisfied them. They both stopped with a gasp and looked at each other.
“Did you feel that?” Kyden asked.
Eirwen nodded, touching her shoulder. All of the sudden, she reached her hand out, and Kyden held it with his. A misty cloud came up from their hands, and they both gasped. A buzzing feeling struck both of them, like electricity was coursing through their veins. It made them feel amazing.
The feeling drew them together somehow. The sensation grew stronger as they grew closer together. Neither of them knew what was happening. Their faces were inches apart when Eirwen suddenly pulled away.
“What are we doing?!” She cried. “This is crazy! We just met, and we’re not even the same element! This is all kinds of wrong.” She started pacing the room in a panic.
Kyden just stood there silently. He was still processing everything. He had almost kissed a Nixian. He was an Ignisolan and he was going to kiss a Nixian. That had never been heard of. But for some odd reason, he didn’t care.
Before he even knew what he was doing, Kyden walked over to Eirwen and pressed his lips to hers. At first Eirwen tried to pull away, but the feeling was so strong and wonderful now that she kissed him back. A large fog formed above them. The two had never felt so magical and powerful in their lives. It was miraculous. They pulled away, and the feeling disappeared, leaving nothing but a faint tickling sensation in them.
They both sighed. “Whoa.”
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