They met by chance-...friends by choice |book 1|
Friends Tomorrow
Paper!”said the paper girl as she threw a newspaper roll onto the steps of a house.
“What time is it? Uh, ohmigosh it’s late! I’d better go eat breakfast at that new restaurant near my house.”Luna said to herself as she put on her coat and rushed out of the front door.
“Morning.”said Aisling as she entered the restaurant.
“Good morning Aisling. Here you are. I was waiting for you. What I wanted to tell you is: I’m getting really old, and, you’re my best waitress. It’s time for me to retire. I hand you the restaurant. It’s in your hands now.”told her the owner of the restaurant.
“Yes, but,”said Aisling, “I’ll be the boss, the cook, and the waitress??”
“Yes. I’m sure you’ll handle it.”he walked out of the door.
oooohhhh, I’m so scared! Will I be able to handle such a great responsibility?
Suddenly, Luna entered the restaurant. “Hello.”she said.
“Good morning. Suit yourself.”
“Um,”continued Luna, “What treats have you got?”
“Just a moment.”answered Aisling looking at the menu on a blackboard. “We have lentil soup, pasta with lentils, lentils served with oil and salt,-“
“I’ll get a letil soup, please.”
“Sure. I’ll prepare it now.”
Aisling returned about ten minutes later with a steaming plate of soup. “Here’s your lentil soup.”she said.
“Thanks. Well, I have to say you did take too much time in preparing it. Anyway, I’ll eat.”Luna gulped as she ate her soup and spat it back in her plate with disgust. “What’s this awful stuff?! I have about three million followers on Twitter, and I’ll post a bad comment on your restaurant.”
“’s not fair...”mumbled Aisling with watery eyes.
“But nothing. Bye.”
A man and a woman entered the bistro. The woman had a cream dress and wore a pearl necklace; the man wore a smoking and a yellow tie. “Good morning.”said the woman, “We’ve read a very bad comment on Twitter, and, we’d like to know if this place is really that bad. We’re food critics and our opinion means a lot. If the food will taste good, we’ll write a good post on it.”
“What would you like then?”asked Aisling. “Lentil soup?”The woman nodded. “Coming.”
Aisling came back minutes later “Well, you did take some time as the post says, but it’s the taste that counts. Let’s see...”she put a spoonful of soup in her mouth. “Mm, it tastes really good. Right Pete?”
The man nodded. “Mm, tasty...great. We’ll write a nice comment on Twitter.”
“So, you’ve called me to tell me I can have this house.”
“Yes Mary, but just for a week.”said Aisling.
“Okay, because of the extermination I won’t have home for a week.”
“But, “continued Aisling, “um, don’t destroy my house...alright?”
“Of course! So, a week?”
Aisling walked down the street with a heavy suitcase in her hands. “I’ve heard about this new bed and breakfast, it should be good...”she opened the wooden door of a three-floor pink building. “Hello.”she said to the owner, “I’ve come for a room.”
“A room...of course! A man and his son just went away, so that will be perfect for you. I’ll tell the maiden to prepare it. It’s at the third floor. “
The next morning, Aisling woke up in her bed and dressed herself. She then went down the stairs to the breakfast room. She met the owner again. “What’s for breakfast?”she asked.
“There are Pancakes, water, milk, biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, cake, find everything there on that long table.”
Aisling walked back to the owner holding a plate stuffed with pancakes; she stared at her curly, red tied up hair. “Wait a sec.”she said. ‘You look familiar...I know who you’re that woman! I knew it! The one who came in my restaurant.” (She was Luna)
“What restaurant?”asked Luna confused. “I never go in restaurants. Only bars, pubs, or places like MacDonald’s. And, usually I cook myself dinner.”
“Lentil Bistro.”
“ Lentil Bistro? No. The only place with a name similar to that I ever went to was, Letil Bisto.”
Aisling leaned close to Luna. “Are you dyslexic?”she asked.
“Um, yes? How do you know?”
“I was a teacher.”
“Oh, I understand. Sorry for what I said the other morning. The fact is, that I ordered those things because I had understood letils, and, letils, are very yummy fruits from the country I come from; and the letil soup is my favorite. And, I spat because I’m allergic to lentils: they make me throw up. So, I guess I’ll cancel the post on Twitter.”
“Thanks.”Aisling was really happy. “Friends?”
“Well,”Aisling continued, “I’ll go eat my pancakes,”

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