number one
Friendship stories
You can never have enough friends, but one enemy is too much already.
Maybe I was always empty on the inside. Maybe that would explain why I already had so many enemies, and with the few friends I had, none of them stood up for me. Maybe that would explain how I was always lonely. Maybe I am just a mean person that everyone wants to avoid. Maybe……… My thoughts were blurs inside my head that I understood when I left them alone, but started fizzing when I tried to think more. I trudged on to the school bus, with my head down. Among all the laughter and shouting, no one noticed me. Good. But it was still heartbreaking to have nobody greet you warmly everyday.
As I walked into the classroom, I found a seat as far away from everyone else as possible. What if……. What if the reason no one talked to me was because it did not seem like I wanted them to talk to me? Then the teacher’s clear voice broke into my thoughts. “ Everybody, grab a partner.” All around me, chairs creaked, and sneakers squeaked everybody rushed to find their best friend. Soon I was left alone in a corner, and nobody paid any attention. “ Does everyone have a partner?” I shyly walked up to the teacher and asked “ I don’t have a partner.” “ Well-” the teacher was cut off. The two remaining kids had partnered up. “ It’s okay, I’ll work by myself this time.” “ But next time, can we please use the partner wheel?” I as greeted by a chorus of “ NOOOO!” , and some glares. What a mistake. Now everyone hates me even more.
Thankfully the nightmare was finally over. It was such a disaster! I was living in a world where one wrong move could mean death. I wished partners never existed. I wished classes never existed. I wish other people never existed. I looked up, and immediately gulped. There was a group of girls, laughing and chattering along. One of them said “ Can you believe it?” “ Cherry did not have a partner for like, the hundredth time!” “ I don’t blame anyone.” “ Who in the rightmind would want to even see her?” “ I know, right?” “ She’s so boring!” It is totally her fault that she has no friends.” “ And she just blames on everyone else!” “ She whines so much!” I was sick of hearing lies about me. But what could I do? I was powerless against those girls. I clenched my teeth, to keep myself from crying, or screaming. Then Lily came along. I would consider her one of my friends. She was nice to me, and we had more than a few things in common. To my surprise. She marched up straight to those girls, looked them straight in the eye, and said without equivocation “ Cherry is my friend, and I know that she is a great person.” “ In fact, I think she deserves more friends than any of you do!” Lily was the almost the shortest person in the school, but I think at that moment she was taller than everyone.
She turned to me. “ I thought……” I was speechless. Lily gave me a tight hug. “ cherry, you might be lonely at times, and think that you have no friends or some other kind of nonsense, but I want you to remember that true friends will support you no matter what, and you will always have people who are mean to you, but the rest of the world just hasn’t noticed you yet.
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