Future of the Blossom
A girl, no older than 15 sat in a tree, staring blankly at the world around her. A small birth mark was visible on her palm as she twisted a exotic ring on her finger . Moonlight reflected off her hair as she gracefully jumped down from the tree. Her feet hit the dry, bare ground with a soft thud. Her once gray eyes were now tinted a red color, with tears threatening to fall over again. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she walked north where a lake lay.
The girl faced the water. It was still clear unharmed by whatever disaster had taken the green life earlier. A single white fish swam around in it. A sign maybe? That hope might be near? She took one look around the area and made her decision.
“I’ll change everything,” she whispered, tears now rolling down her cheek. She extended her arm out in front of her and the ring glowed a soft purple. It continued growing brighter until the light was blinding. Once the light died down the ring was gone and the girl with it.
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