White earth
(This is a really old work of mine from middle school...you have been warned...)
She walks along the shore line, gazing towards the glistening moon of midnight. Pondering on what might be happening there. On the moon. Ever since the man, the two hundred fifteen year old man, who stepped foot on the giant white earth. Ever since then man lived onto this rock giant, setting up colony’s, colony’s to civilizations. With a government and laws, And even a leader. From civilizations to empires. And from empires to the glorious city of Devoto Salvatore.
For the longest of time, scarlet had gazed upon the gorgeous moon. The white earth is what the rock giant was dubbed. For it stayed on the earths orbit and traveled along side the earth. Before the civilization of Devoto Salvatore, the moon seemed so dark and shallow, so dark, so...lifeless. and up until now, Scarlet only thought it was a myth for there to be real city’s on the white earth. But she will realize tomorrow what is so special about this white earth.
“So...you wish to challenge me? To a duel?” Asked Alexander. “Yes! I know I can beat you this time!”
Commanded Jezebel ferociously. “Alright then.” Alexander said while turning himself to a small case. He walked up to it. The box laid on a brown wooden pedestal, which stood on a balcony covered in a red carpet. The three Steps in front of the balcony were a white, foggy colored glass steps that lit up a yellowy white as Alexander took a step on each.
“Alright, here we go,” he opened the box to reveal two stones. One of red and one of blue. Alexander picked up the blue stone, as always, and Jezebel picked the red one. Alexander held his stone up high above his head. “Summon avatar Flamma Maleficus!” Then in a blink, Alexander glowed a bright white, then seemed to not be there. Jezebel raised her stone in the air. “Summon avatar Nobilis Militis!” And she did the same but when she vanished she wound up in a different place, a different world, an entirely different universe. And she was armored. Armored from head to toe, in white and gold, with a blue strand that reaches around her waist. Her greaves were of the color black. With blue shin guards and gold and white boots. She did not wear a helmet.
For about 1 minute it was silent. The cold wind blowing through the new universe. Jezebel did not recognize this world. Perhaps its a new one that the beta workers added in. Though apparently, Alexander knew it all too well. Jezebel looked all through out the playing field. The black forest she called it. Trees all around but pitch black. As she walked towards the center of the field, she heard a noise in the distance. A faint noise. As though it was there but its nothing. Or so it felt. But she knew better. She unsheathed her huge sword. The sword matched her armor and had a long blue ribbon on the tip of the handle.
From behind her was Alexander. He used a cloak of vision distraught, which turned him invisible. He slowly followed the young one as she crept around for a sign of her older brother. Then she sighed in dismay. “I didn’t want to do this but I seem to have no choice,” she flung her right arm sideways and opened her hand so her palm was facing forward with her. The hand flashed a light blue. “Caelestia Visus!” Jezebel commanded. From then her eyes flashed a light blue and green, which made them seem foggy. She could see much more clearly, and hear amazingly as well. She turned and heard breathing. The lightest breathing she had ever heard. “Well...it was fun while it lasted.” Alexander took the cloak off and when it hit the floor it depixelized.
“Draw your weapon and claim what you’ve always sought sister.” Alexander commanded. Jezebel sheathed her sword. “No brother, you at the least need to put a formidable fight.” Alexander stood up. “ very well” he said. “ Summonēre Baculum!” And at that moment a glowing red orb emerged into alexanders hand. The orb stretched into a staff. “Now...It Begins!” Alexander yelled, raising the staff up into the air. Jezebel pointed the sword towards Alexander with both hands and charged.
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