Tough But not impossible
Not ready
I woke up, my eyes tired, my face scrunched as I got up to the smell of pancakes cooking. My dad never makes pancakes, this meant only one thing. He was either in a good mood or my dad was dadnapped. Just kidding, that ridiculous. That or it was just my cousin Ryan, of course it was Ryan.
I had always remembered when he was only 8 and Ryan 13. We both loved to play catch with an iron energy ball. Those things glowed in the dark, also they hurt more in the dark. Since we couldn’t see much, and they were heavier in colder weather.
I ran to the kitchen to see Ryan cooking his burnt pancakes as usual. My dad sitting in the couch watching the Galactical News. Dads messy hair reminded me and Ryan’s raven black hair. Except Ryan’s was neat, and longer. I’ve never met my mom, but my guess was that she had dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes just like me.
“Hi Ryan.” I say as he turns around and grins.
“Hey dude! I made pancakes, there was no milk so I used toilet water.” He said jokingly.
“Eww...” I say as I sit down beside my dad and watch the news with him.
I remember watching the news with my dad when I was younger. I also remember watching a lot of cartoons.
“Starian. Guess what it is tomorrow.” My dad said as he kept staring at the tv. I didn’t know what it was tomorrow, probably a party celebrating Mercury’s achievements again. Mercury is my best friend Melissa’s brother. He has a lot of skills in fighting, he had a lot of time on his hands to train every day from age 15 to age 21. He’s still training to this day.
“Mercury party again?” I say as Ryan brings a cup of orange juice and drops it on himself.
“AHH! My poor sweet innocent orange juice. It’s ok baby, i’ll save you.”
Ryan runs to the kitchen and grabs a towel.
“No, not a Mercury party. Your birthday.” He saids smiling.
No way, how did my dad know it was my birthday and not me. I’m turning 15, this means that I must train. I can’t believe that it’s been that long since I was just a little boy.
“Dad.... This means....I-“ I was cut off by Ryan.
“You get to train with me! I’m so hyped! I will teach you all the combat just in case the Queen starts another war.” He says as he cleans the orange juice spill.
I have heard that the previous Queen started a war with the Rebels and the Knights. The citizens fought to but not many. It was sad when I heard that innocent people got hurt. The Rebels lost sadly.
My dad and Ryan are Rebels, so I am to. This means we don’t follow the rules that they give us.
“So, this means you get your own party Starian.” My dad said as he got up to go to the restroom.
I was excited to have a party, just not happy to train. I’d get hurt and I wasn’t ready for that. I wish that my family didn’t have to worry about a war.
“Yay...” I said, looking at Ryan coming towards me.
“Hey, maybe I can even get Mercury to help train you.” Ryan said.
Great, Mercury how exciting, not! He’s probably a wimp who acts like he’s strong. Whatever I guess, I hope that I still get to have the party.
That’s something i’m looking forward too.
The next day...........
I woke up in realization that it was my birthday. I am officially 15 and kind of happy and worried. I want to invite Melissa my best friend, but then that would mean Mercury would come. Melissa is Mercury’s sister, how cool is that, not to cool.
I got off my bad and got dressed, I got the phone and dialed Melissa’s number. I was risking something but I guess it wasn’t that bad.
“STARIAN! Ahem, I mean, hey Starian.” She said excited that I called.
“Hey Melissa, today’s my birthday, wanna come over?” I told her worried that she’d invited her brother.
“Happy birthday! And yes, can Mercury come?” She said and I had to say yes.
“Of course! He’s the best.” I say as I comb my hair.
“You’ve never even met him...” She said and hangs up.
Weird, maybe she’s coming, in the meantime i’ll invite Heather.
She’s another friend but I only sit with her at lunch. Unlike Melissa, me and her have been friends since forever.
I texted Heather since I never call her.
Starian: Hey Heather, it’s Starian! Come over it’s my birthday.
Heather: Okay
She replied with a simple Okay, I guess that’s good. Now I have to go to help Ryan with the cake. He’ll probably eat it all.

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