Three unlikely friends in an unlikely situation
Gamers Belong
This is what happens when you’re sitting against the wall in your class, working on a project that’s meant to be done in partners, all by yourself. You get bored and start doodling. Then later when everyone is being called up to the front of the room to present what they discussed, my teacher will prepare to say my name, look at me with eyes of sympathy, and then as I shake my head vaguely he will return the gesture and go to the next person on the list.
I can see it now. No one in the class will be paying attention, and I’ll get away with not doing any work, again. Even though, my “cheat sheet”, as I call it, will still be waiting for anyone willing to come by and pick it up. My secret is start the school year off early, and get all of my work done a day before everyone else. Then I don’t have to pay attention in class, and I have the time to myself. I get some disapproving looks from my teachers but they know my system. Not to mention, I take the tests as scheduled and still ace them. Going to school is simply a “learning opportunity” so I can catch anything I may’ve missed in my notes (I never miss anything). All I want to do is doodle in my notebook like always. Maybe design another potential avatar for myself.
My mind drifted off to my newest MMO. Sword Challenge Online. I’d just gotten it about two weeks before and all I really wanted to do was level up my avatar. But unfortunately the game required that you really can’t go it alone. It kind of needed a team of at least two, and if I couldn’t even get a partner to discuss the French Revolution with, then I didn’t expect to get very far with someone in a video game. So I decided I was going to go solo for as long as I could and try my best. And in another game I was still working to one hundred percent it anyways. But that wasn’t going well because I was already stuck in a temple at the boss door without any healing potions or fairies because I’d used all of them. I had a lot on my plate, but I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed.
Anyways, class ended the way I thought it would. I finished my homework before anyone else started and slyly made my way to my locker which was coincidentally at the very end of the hall. I had just opened my lock when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and prepared to tell whoever had bothered me to go away, when suddenly I caught sight of the perpetrator.
He smiled at me. “Hi!”
I stood there with my mouth gaping. I didn’t have a response. Instead I just brushed my blue hair over my eyes and said “Hello” very quietly.
“My name is Will Ferris! Two first names. What’s your name?” He asked me brightly. He had long brown bangs and bright blue eyes. His nose and chin were kind of pointy, so he reminded me of an elf in one of my RPG’s. I was still shocked by him coming up to me so casually.
“Um...” I considered telling him my avatars name, but I thought that I’d seen him somewhere. Oh yeah, I thought plainly, he’s in all of my core classes. He was the new kid. I’d seen him a few times before, often surrounded by girls. But did he have to know my real name? I shrugged at the thought, and told him the name of my avatar. “Arryn,” I answered finally. The guy narrowed his eyes at me.
Suddenly his eyes widened in surprise. “You’re Arryn! The best solo player on SCO! I had no idea you would be here! Or use your real name.” At that he looked confused. On the contrary, I never used my real name for games, but I also didn’t expect to be recognized. Then suddenly I realized something about Will Ferris, his odd two first names.
He could be a valuable asset if he played SCO.
I forced a welcoming smile on my face and offered him my hand.
“Will Ferris, I think this is going to be a wonderful...”
I had to squeeze the word out of my throat.

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