Chapter 1
“LUCIA!” mom screamed down the hall. “Get your lazy butt down here or I will come up myself!” I quickly hid my phone under the bed and ran downstairs.
“Geez I’m here now mom no need to scream.” I opened the dishwasher and I immediatly felt the steam hit my face.
“Where is your phone Lucia?”
“Why do you call me Lucia when everyone else calls me Lucy?” I asked changing the topic.
“I want your phone now!” I rolled my eyes.
“Mom I am unloading the dishwasher right now, I can’t do two things at once.”
“Alright then tell me where it is and I will go get it.” I started to put the dishes away faster.
“Can’t... talk... right... now.” I muttered.
“Lucia your father won’t be happy to hear about this.”
“What does dad care? He doesn’t do anything half the time and you know it.” She hit her fist on the counter.
“God damn it Lucia go to your room. And give me your phone!” I put the last dish away and stormed up to my room. I picked my phone up and threw it into the hallway.
Mom walked in and picked it up. “Thank you, Lucia.” I slammed the door in her face and walked to my sewing machine. I didn’t have anything really against my mother but it was my father who got me mad. I wasn’t dumb enough to not know that he had just gotten my mother mad. He never went to work, he never listened to any of us. I give it to him that six women in the family can be tough to handle but at least he had Adoni right? He also had type two diabetes which we have been trying to reverse but he just won’t do it.
As you may know, the Italians are always concerned about their weight. My great aunt never stops talking about how she was chubby her sophomore year and decided to go on a diet. She claims she never gained a pound after that. Which is true because whenever she sends clothes over they are always in petite size 0s. Which to me is impossible. Anyways his mother was not Italian but English. So he is an English stubborn man.
I’m not stereotyping Italians because I am one myself. So yeah our family has a lot of problems with him. My older sister Lauretta never shuts up about how much she despises him which gets her into lots of trouble.
If it weren’t for my loving sisters I’d say my house it one depressing thing to live in. They give me a lot of lip, but they are always watching out for me. I especially love my twin sister Claudia. We have some fights but we do everything together.
I heard the door crack open. “Lucy?”
I turned around. “Claudia?”
“Mom says you can come out of here if you help her set the table.” I sighed and got up.
“What did you do this time Lucy?” Claudia asked.
“Doesn’t matter,” I said walking downstairs.
“Lucia, clear off the table for dinner.” mom said.
“Where is your ‘please’ mom?”
“Lucia I have no time for this, clear it off or go back to your room.”
I would have loved to go back to my room, but I knew mom would be mad at me for that.
“Thanks, Lucia.” Hey, at least she said thank you.
I started walking the halls to history class when I felt a hand touch my shoulder.
“Hey Lucy, can we go on a date tomorrow?” I turned around and saw Alec’s brown eyes.
“Sure what were you thinking?” I asked smiling.
“Well, why don’t we go to the park late and look at the stars.” Yeah, Alec was not the most romantic, but at least he made an effort. At least things always turned out alright.
“Isn’t that dangerous?”
“No, I’ve been there multiple times at night and I’m still standing here right?”
“Alright, I guess I will have to find a way to sneak out somehow.”
“Good, now can I get a kiss?” I quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran to history class.
“Lucy!” I heard a bunch of girls running up to me.
“What is it?” I turned around.
“Nate Cain wants to ask you out!” They shrieked. I rolled my eyes. I hated drama. Unfortunately, guys always made me the center of it all. I dated Alec because he liked me for who I was, not looks or anything. Not saying I’m that hot but guys always made me look that way.
“Look I’m dating Alec right now, I’m not going to break up with him right now.”
“But you guys have been dating for months! That’s so boring. It’s time to let a new guy spice things up for you!” Lily said.
“Alright, the rest of you can go, I’m going to talk to Lily.” The rest of the girls huffed and retreated to their seats.
“Lucy, why aren’t you any fun?”
“I just don’t like all the drama, people get hurt doing that kind of stuff. Everyone gets envious, heartbroken and furious when drama goes around.”
“I’m not talking about drama, I’m talking about dating another guy.”
“But I’m talking about breakups with Alec and dating Nate leading to drama.” I took a bite of my fry. “He is very arrogant anyways. Just not my type.” Lily rolled her eyes.
“Anyways, I’m going on a date with Alec, and I want it to be a peaceful one you hear me?”
“Alright, no Nate. But could you put in a good word for me?” I laughed.
“Sure thing, silly goose.”
I checked the clock. It was five of eleven. Alec wanted me to meet him there at midnight so I got up and made sure no one was around. The house was completely silent as I walked to the back slider door. I opened the door and walked out onto the deck. I felt the breeze of the warm spring night tickle my neck. The park was only down the street so I’d have not that far to walk.
As I approached the park I saw that Alec was not there so I sat on the swing. Suddenly I got a bad feeling about being here until Alec showed up.
“Sorry I was late. I brought us some food, for a midnight snack.” He whispered.
“You’re too much,” I said taking a strawberry from his bag. I suddenly heard a whimper in the forest.
“Did you hear that?” He asked. “I’m going to check it out.”
“You go over there and I will go over here.” He nodded and I set off into the woods.
“I wasn’t helping the Snakes, I swear I am loyal to Marinari gang!” I stepped closer and saw a bunch of men dressed in black pointing guns.
“I’m very sorry, little man but it looks like you’re a traitor. You know what to do boys.” I heard a gunshot and immediately the man fell into a pool of blood.
I just saw a man get murdered, I just saw a man get murdered!
I screamed but I immediately muffled it. The men looked my way and shouted “Witness!” They came running up to me. I stood frozen in my tracks until I finally started running. I kept running until I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder.

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