a Two person tag game
Part 2 - Peter
This tag game will switch between me and @412webflute. We will each take turns writing a chapter until the book is finished. To read Chapter 1 go to @412webflute’s profile, I will tag her below. My chapters will be in Peters point of view, sorry for any confusion. Here is chapter 2. Enjoy :)
The rain ferociously poured against the roof. Crackling lightning flashed, lighting up the dingy, broken-down attic. I silently crawled to a corner of the dank attic, so my thin frame was hidden behind tattered cardboard boxes overflowing with junk. Nestling between The stiff cardboard I studied Genevieve cautiously. Her long blonde hair was dirty and tangled, hiding her wide icy emerald green eyes. Her pale cheeks had a slight hue of red due to the cold air and rain. Her thin lips were pursed in a tight line and her brow was furrowed. Genevieve’s scrawny body was wrapped in a lightweight blanket filled with holes. Despite the stone cold attitude she let on, there was some empathy in her. She had given me that cookie after all, she could have easily eaten it herself. I’m sure she hadn’t eaten in days. Slowly I got up and rummaged through the boxes searching for a blanket, anything to keep warm. Although I wasn’t keen on the idea of stealing, borrowing was okay. A thick layer of dust covered the cluttered rubbish, a musty stench wafted throughout the room, no one had been in this attic for a while.
“What is that smell?” Genevieve asked with a disgusted tone.
“Sorry, I-I was, um looking for, uh, a blanket,” I stuttered nervously. I bit my lip and curled my toes.
Genevieve sighed, “Well hurry up, I want to sleep.” I nodded my head quickly and turned my back to her. My cheeks were flushed from embarrassment, something about her made me tense. Throwing aside random objects, I pulled out a stiff, deep red wool blanket. I sat as far away from Genevieve as possible, hoping to avoid any contact. Peering over the blanket, I saw Genevieve curled up into a ball trembling from the cold. Her face had softened and her eyes were glossy, She bit her bottom lip, scared. She looked vulnerable and weak, ever since I had met her she seemed tough.
“Are you alright?” I asked concerned. The words slipped out of my mouth before I could process the consequence.
Genevieve rolled over so she was facing me, “ I’m fine.” She growled.
“Sorry, I, uh, you, um, crying, and yeah.” I mumbled anxiously.
“Shut up Piper, you’re lucky I haven’t thrown you out.”
“My name is actually-“ I was cut off by her icy tone.
“Do I look like I care?”
I shook my head and hid under my blanket. It was going to be a long night.
I woke up to Genevieve frantically shaking me awake. The rain had stopped but heavy grey clouds loomed over the busy streets of England.
“Yes?” I mumbled half asleep.
“We have to go, I heard people.” She said frantically, already swinging her legs out the window. My eyes widened and I threw off the comfort of the blanket. I ran out the window and clambered down the side of the house. Once my feet hit the plush grass I knew we were safe.
“What are we going to do now?” I asked spinning on my heel so I could see the stern face of Genevieve, frightened of life back out on the streets.
“Genevieve?” I whispered. She was gone.
My heart rate quickened and my mouth hung open in shock. As much as she despised me, I oddly felt safe around her. I sighed and trudged off the unevenly mowed lawn, back to my home. The streets.
The frigid air swirled throughout the hectic streets of England. Sleek, modern, jet black carriages led by sturdy horses filled the cobblestone avenues. Smoke from large factories polluted the air, people hollered at one another angrily. Business men strode along the sidewalk briskly. Fog hung thickly in the air allowing you to see no more than 3 feet ahead of you. Kicking at pebbles, I sauntered along the sidewalk like I had done for years. If I was lucky someone would give me a slice of bread out of pity. Following the throngs of rich snobs I glanced around the city looking for a place to stay. I was tempted to go back to the attic, but Genevieve would most likely be there and she obviously didn’t want me. Shivering, I enveloped myself in my gaunt arms. Heat radiated from inside the many shops and houses. I paused by a thin window covered in condensation holding a family huddled around flickering flames, warming their insides with thick and creamy hot chocolate. Laughter bubbled out of their throats as they tossed their heads back, a healthy glow lit up their cheeks. Hot tears welled up in my eyes, missing my family more than ever. Wiping my tears, I bustled through the hordes of people.
Eventually I made it to a quiet secluded park. Birds sat on the sturdy, frosted over branches. The oblong wooden benches were vacant, tall oak trees with deep green leaves bordered the park, and the grass was freshly cut. Positioning my frail body, I cautiously climbed up a tree. Branches snapped and leaves fluttered to the ground as I lost my footing, I held myself up on a flimsy branch with my thin bony arms. I breathed heavily, frightened. Wrapping my legs around the wide trunk, I scooted up my body and reached for the branch above me. I kept climbing, well scooting, until I was halfway up the tree. Feeling confident, I swung my legs over the limb and rested my back against the bole. The stars glittered and gleamed against the inky black sky, the full moon’s pale lighting brightened up the dark night. I smiled to myself, enjoying the uniqueness of the sky I had never noticed before.
Suddenly, a branch cracked below me. I shrieked and lost my balance, hanging from the tree again.
“Need some help, Piper?”
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