life will wreck a perfect love
My Life as Zoe
Me, Zoe
“Hey, Alex! Hi Rose! Hello, Tara!” I grin.
I see my 3 best friends and go up to them. Yeah, you could call me a tomboy because most of my friends are boys.
“Hi Zoe! I will find Harry and Kane, Alex and Tara will find Nathan and Jill and you go find Will and Jack.” screams Rose.
“Are we playing Cops & Robbers?”
“Yeah! We play it every morning. We are Cops, so is Alex, Tara, Darren and Xavier.”
“Whose Robbers?” I ask.
Rose sighs and says
“Harry, Kane, Will, Jack, Nathan and Jill. Now go!”
I give her the ‘Genuine Smile’ and rush off.
I am the fastest runner in our group so I find Will and Jack before they have time to spot me. I drag them over to jail and rush off to help the others.
The bell rings just when I’m about to tag Harry.
I pant and talk to Alex.
“Your are a fast runner Zo. You should enter the Track & Field race!”
“I’m thinking ‘bout it.” I pant.
Alex is really crazy. He is the Class Clown and everyone knows when we are doing some sort of project that can be anything he will have the most entertaining one. Every single girl in our class has had a crush on him once or more. Even me.
But he is my best friend so it would be kind of awkward to have a crush him.
I save him a spot next to me and he sits down.
“Dude! Wanna come over and help me build my tree house?”
“Sure.” He smiles.
Before I know it we have math sheets in front of us.
“Math is so hard.” I groan.
“Nuh-uh! Look. 86.7- 45.3 is easy!”
“What’s up with the random dot?” I ponder.
Alex rolls his eyes.
He suddenly starts staring into my brown eyes and blushing.
I start to blush too.
“Pfft. Mrrfff.”
I hear some sort of sound you make when your trying not to laugh. I see Alex laughing so hard he had to hold his sides.
Eventually he says,
“You started to blush like you were all embarrassed. Did you think I was gonna kiss you?”
“Yes! Don’t ever to that again! Ugh, you freaked me out.” I cry in frustration.
I hit him lightly on the back and do my math by myself. What a annoying friend.

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