by: taylor7soccer
Bridge To Dareatopia
You grow up having a name, of course, but is it a normal name? My answer: No. I admit it, German’s a cool language and Germany’s a cool place, but the name Germany? Wow. That’s pretty awesome. Not trying to brag, but everyone has to love that name. And that’s exactly why fourteen years ago, my mom named me “Germany”.
“Ooh, Germany, I like your high ponytail today! It’s looking more wavy than usual!” Elena cheered over the science teacher’s voice. Clearly she was enjoying the bore of our eighth grade science class that nobody else seemed to like.
“Thanks,” I mumbled back at her. That was probably the first time I’d ever said “thanks” to her— because she was the most annoying mean girl in all of eighth grade, at least in my opinion. And here’s the reason why: Because I think she might be trying to steal my boyfriend.
I’m the most popular girl in all of eighth grade. I’m not even kidding. First, all the boys have a HUGE crush on me, and second, all the girls want to become my friend. But I only have my one very very best friend, whose name is Silvia.
I slumped down in my chair. Could science class possibly be more boring? First of all, our teacher, Ms. Roobret. When I say this, I’m seriously not trying to be mean, but Ms. Roobret has a extremely annoying high-pitched squeaky voice. She was Scottish, but the accent didn’t really show. All she ever did was talk. Literally. Nothing else. That’s why I hated the BORING science class that our class was stuck in each day. But on the bright side, at least it wasn’t every day. That would be dreadful, as once a week already is.
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