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The Inside Job
CaseyText Hi
CaseyText Maeve?
CaseyText Maaaeeevvee!!!???
Minnie_mp3 yea!
CaseyText If I was dying you’d pick up too late
Minnie_mp3 true, but it would make a hilarious sitcom
CaseyText Where the star dies? No way
Minnie_mp3 who said you were the star
CaseyText Moi?
Minnie_mp3 yes you
CaseyText You said ‘yes you‘ so yea...
Minnie_mp3 bye me
CaseyText Wait, don’t go
Minnie_mp3 u’ll live
CaseyText As I mentioned earlier...
Minnie_mp3 EXACTLY!!!! bye
CaseyText Bye then

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