yes, I’m talking about a book
go all over without leaving the room
Lilyana’s Room
Lilyana Buch loved to read. And if you speak German, yes, her last name did mean book.
But you should’ve seen Lilyana’s room. It. Was. Crazy.
Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, filled with books, covering the walls. Books piled up around a rug. Books in stacks level with her bed. Almost every single surface in Lilyana’s room was covered with books, with the exception of the bed and a wooden chair.
Many of these books were given to Lilyana. Her grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, friends, siblings, cousins, everyone, gave Lilyana books for her birthday, Christmas, Easter; almost every holiday they could imagine, every special occasion, they gave Lilyana books.There were plenty of Lilyana’s books in her room that were library books. Every visit to the library (once a week), Lilyana would bring her wagon and load it up with books. Her parents had only allowed Lilyana to store books in her room, so that’s were books stayed.
Lilyana was homeschooled. She read books most of the time to teach her things, and then she would answer questions in her big workbook. She taught herself, because her parents worked all day.
Lilyana accomplished a lot. Because not only did she read tons of books, she read them fast.
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