Can THey Save hockey?
Goalie girl
The beginning?
Let’s go home team!” Clap clap...clap clap clap. “He shots he scores!!”*BUZZ.* “Fans your final score home team 5 visitor 4!” “ Now before you leave we are going to draw a raffle ticket and we need you to go down on to the ice Infront of the bench. Okay ticket number 14527 cover on down and get the helmet and Jersey of your favorite player.” “THAT’S ME YEAH!!” Running down the ice. “Hello young one what’s your name.” “My name is Brooke.” “Well Brooke what player Jersey and helmet do you want?” “I want goalie number 35, Steel!” “Still do you hear that you have a big fan out here.” Steel skates onto the ice. “Well I guess she plays hockey with that spirit.” “YEAH I’m a goalie.” “Really let’s see it.” “ Okay but let me get my stuff out of my dad’s truck real quick and put it on.” “Okay will give you 10minutes.” “Okay.” Running off the ice out the doors to dad’s truck. “ I have 9 minutes left.” Grabbing hockey bag and stick. “ Hey where’s my helmet?!” Looks under seats. “Nooooo, I must have left it at practice!” “ I hope they’ll let me use one.” Slams truck door and runs to an empty room puts on pads and gloves. “Well at least I have my stick.” Skates onto ice back Infront of the bench. “Brooke where’s your helmet?” “ I left it at practice. Sadly” “ You can use goalie number 1’s helmet.” “Thank you!” “Now Brooke how are we going to test your skills?” “Hmm... We could bring the team out and let them shot pucks at me.” “ Now Brooke that’s not a bad idea.” “Thanks Steel.” “Hey guys there’s a fan out here wanting to play some hockey!” “Steel why do some of us have to be on the girl’s team with the assistance coach. While your team is with the head coach?” “ Justin this is just to see her skills, either way I have to give her my helmet and Jersey, and if she wins I’ll give her my pads too.” “Really OMG my day is getting better and better!” “Brooke are you ready?” “I was BORN ready!”
Referee drops the puck. “And we are playing boys!” Intercom “we have some free hockey the only difference is that the team is split and we have Steel in one goal and a girl name Brooke on the other.” “Well at least I’m the best goalie on my team.” “He shots he scores!” “The assistance coach’s team is in the lead by one point.” “The puck’s coming my way.”*Cling OMG I pushed the puck away and it hit the top of the goal!” “He shots he scores!” BUZZ “Fans the game is tied so well go to a shoot out.” Cling... Cling... Cling... Cling. “Gez Steel you are terrible after a game I win a shot out by 2.” “Well Brooke since I lost I’ll give you my pads, helmet, and Jersey.” “Why thank you kind sir.”*10 minutes later.* “Well fans there you have it assistance coach wins along with the girl goalie Brooke.” “ Well Brooke maybe when you’re older maybe you’ll be a part of this team.” “Maybe...No I Will!”
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