Going Away
Finny and I lay down on the soft, slightly wet grass. Finny’s hand crept closer to mine. I glanced over at him as his palm slid into mine. He stared into the night. I sighed softly.
“Finny?” I asked
“Yeah?” He replied, turning to face me.
“What should we do now?”
“Sleep and rest. Tomorrow’s a long, long day Liz,”
“Do you think we will survive?”
“Only the stars can tell Liz,” he said, turning back to face the night sky.
“Will they find us?”
“Elizabeth Rose White,” he said, more serious than I ever heard. A little frightened, I looked at him. “Sleep and all will be well. But remember, only the stars can tell.”
I looked into his stunning grey eyes, with charming specks of amber and snuggled next to him. I stared into the starry sky with the stars we have finally found. With his body warmth, I slept and believed, and remembered.
Only the stars can tell.
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