Gray and Blue
I clutched my books to my chest and walked the halls. A new school, and a new gender. Would the teachers accept me?
II strolled up to my new locker, and my eyes scanned the hall. Kids were everywhere, talking with friends. Their voices echoed in my head. I wondered who my first friend would be.
My locker was slammed shut. I clenched my binder tight in my hand. You can’t avoid people like this. It’s impossible. I turned around and stared a tall boy in the eyes. I could almost tell he was the ‘bully.’ Every stereotype fit him. Tall. Muscular. Hot. Blood rushed to my face.
The boy grinned. “Hello Pearl...” he said with an ugly sneer. So much for hot.
“My name, is Damien,” I said, fuming. He had called me by my legal name. Sure, it says that on my birth certificate, but my name was Damien. Not Pearl.
“Mhm. Welcome to Oak High School, Daaamiennn.” He held out my name long, and almost sarcastically. “See you around.” And with that, he kicked the back of my knee. Thankfully, I didn’t fall over. I stumbled against my locker, and a few of my things dropped, though. I picked them up, grimacing.
So far so good.
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