december challenge
Green City
Thousands of lights twinkle. The quiet of the night seems to soften the roaring of the motors. Boats slip in and out silently on the still water. At night it is almost beautiful.
Even as the sky creeps towards the darkest point of the night, the city stays awake. Always buzzing, always moving. The lights are always shining and the stars are always hidden.
In the day everything changes. Everything is drab and grey, and the sky is filled with smoke. Heavy cargo ships thunder into the harbour, collect their load and leave just as loudly.
The world is a beautiful place. It’s natural, it’s pure and it is incredible.
A city takes away that beauty. It replaces Nature with a blank, dull landscape.
If we could just all help to bring nature into our cities, imagine how different everything would be.
Imagine all the cities in the world going green.
It would be amazing.
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