“Ha Ha!” I cried, “No one can defeat me! I’m Shadow, over-griffin of the Sky Tribe!”
I stood proudly on my perch and do my best to look queenly. I arched my neck and narrowed my eyes. The sunlight glinted off my gold-brown feathers and my metallic gold beak.
“Oh yes I can!” shouted my brother, Dusk, “I am Sun, the greatest, most honorable griffin there ever was!”
He stretched his wings to full length and his eyes narrowed in the challenge that was issued from a lower griffin to the over-griffin.
“What is this!? An unworthy challenger!? How dare you!? I WILL CRUSH YOU LIKE A BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!” I roared in mock rage. I stood on my hind legs, raised the feathers on my back, flared my ruff, and stretched my abnormally large wings above my head. The standard acceptance of a challenge.
“YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S GOING TO BE CRUSHED!!!!!” Dusk howled back.
I launch off my perch and bullet toward him and at the same time he speeds toward me. Just before we collide, a cry rings out. Me and my brother meet each other’s eyes. We fly horizontally past each other and speed upward. I glanced down and saw my Dusk a little ways behind me. A flash of armor catches my eye. I see a griffin in golden armor being ridden by...
“A wingless!” I shriek.
Two more griffin riding winglesses appeared in the air. They circle us for a few seconds.
“Get the silver one!” one of them shouted.
They dove at Dusk. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I tucked my wings and dove at Dusk knocking him out of the way. One of the bulky, unnaturally metallic gold griffin’s talons grab me. I shriek and struggle, finally managing to flip over. I snap and claw at the griffin’s stomach. My beak may still be soft but I am wild and wild things fight. I gouge deep gashes in the griffin’s soft and exposed underbelly while beating my wings against him.
“I need help here!” the wingless on the griffin yells,”She’s a fighter, she is.”
One of the other griffin riders turns back, giving Dusk a fighting chance. To my surprise he doesn’t come close, instead he gets a crossbow bolt and dips it into a flask at his hip. He loads it onto the crossbow and fires. The bolt hits me in the neck. I feel myself weakening. Then the world goes black.
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