Short Musings
Growing Tall
I used to be scared of growing old.
“You will be passed your prime” they said .
“You need to need make more of your youth. You’re only young once.”
The words would have the opposite effect and I would waste my young days worrying about how not to waste them. I shuddered at the cracked faces of the aged. Call me fat, ugly, anything but old!
Why was it that men were compared to wine. The more they aged the finer they became? Whilst I was doomed with an expiration date. One day I would simply go off and be cast aside.
But I see things differently now.
The older I become the more I am rooted with wisdom. With each new experience I branch out more and more into the world. With time and purpose I reach for the sky. Ever expanding. Ever growing.
The storms I weather will make me stronger. And the light will give me new energy and life.
I am an Acorn turning into an Oak Tree.
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