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the guacamolie octopus
Guactapus’ New School
Guactapus (the guacamolie octopus) is now 5 years old which means he has to start school. Guactapus isn’t too excited about this because he has 8 arms and he cant choose which one to write with. His mother bought him 16 pencil so he could write with all 8 arms at one time. If you are asking what the other 8 are for they’re forgiving out to anyone who needs a pencil. What? You thought it was going to be in case any of his pencils broke? Well that would just be silly now. Guactapus was all wrong about school he loved it. He was always really sad when he went home and he couldn’t wait to go back to school the next day. He was the most popular guacamolie octopus in the class.Everyone wanted to be his friend.
At least that’s what happend in his dream. He went to school the next morning a little less shy. He was surprised and happy when he actually made a friend. he went home did his homework and went over to his new friends house. Can you guess who opened the door? It was........
it was his new friend....... Tara!! They played outside for a while and sadly it was time for guactapus to go home. They had a play date almost every single Friday.
But sadly Tara had to move house. But she moved even closer to Guactapus’ house!! And they lived happily ever after
The End

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