Middle school can me hard. This is what this is here for.
Guide: Middle School
Hey Potatoes! It’s me SweetChildWriter! How is your day going so far? I want to know so leave it in the comment section below. So your probably wondering why I am writing another book. Well ya’ll know I love to write.
Your reading a guide for middle school. That’s right, middle school. I have enough experience to be writing this guide. I, myself am in middle school. Well, the end of the first year which for me is 6th grade.
This guide is going to help you Potatoes survive middle school! I want to help incoming 5th graders know what to do so they don’t get so nervous. I’m going to try to cover everything. If you want something covered, leave it down in the comment section please. I read ALL of the comments.
Anyway, it’s time to get started before I start to ramble about my middle school life. Now let’s get started!

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