a robot’s place in the revolution.
Birth of a War Machine
Babies are one great, mysterious subject in which you could start a conversation about, and that conversation would never have to end. Some people don’t particularly want children. Some only want a few children, Others want multitudes of them. Some dream of having babies with blue eyes. Green eyes. Grey eyes. Brown eyes. Curly hair. Straight hair.
Babies are born to all kinds of parents, and most of the time, those parents are nice. Or as nice as they can get. Babies are born everywhere. In Germany, Russia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Chile, Greenland, why, sometimes even Antarctica. One baby, though, is different from all the others.
Fuyuko Mizushima, born in Nagasaki, Japan. Born as a female. 13 pounds at three months old. born to Ichika and Yuuto Mizushima. Born perfectly healthy, Ichika and Yuuto were preparing to live peaceful lives living near Fuyuko’s grandparents. Well, how is she different from every other baby?
She was the first successful cyborg made in a large factory in Kyoto, which had failed in attempting to create a cyborg forty times already, and had resorted to continuing these unspeakable experiments underground until they had finally made the perfect cyborg. Her.
Fuyuko never knew her parents. She didn’t even know her name. Her name became a factory number.
After 14 years, she was deemed the “perfect model” to be a cyborg, and the factory captured more and more children to grow up to be cyborgs. 4 years after that, she was ready for war against two countries at once. She was scared. She couldn’t take this anymore. She had to find some way out, there has to be a world outside this factory, a world outside all this... suffering.
She ran off into the oblivion before she could ever see a single battlefield, nameless, weaponless, and scared.
And her story only grew from there.
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